Slight Detour!

Slight Detour!

Friday afternoons have been a good break to the week letting YHC sleep in some after a long night on the Ice. Gives a little time to re-hydrate and rest some of the sore muscles.

Heading out to Dogwood park is usually a good 15 minute ride for me, but apparently there was an accident on the way there that had many of us Detour a bit, so we decided to wait an extra 5 minutes in case any Pax came in late.

Quick DICCS and we’re off!


mosey around a litte, climb steps to the flagpole area for some SSH/IW/Arm Stretch/calf Stretch/Pickers


Part 1: Run the wooded trail to escape the hot sun for a bit to the rock pile. Grab a coupon and civilian count 3 exercises 30 Curl/ 50Chest Press/ 30 tris. Head through the second part of the Snake trail, which is much longer than it seems. Back to smaller rock pile for some Shoulder Presses/Hernias/and Row Squat Thrusters.

Part Two: was going to run the snake trail again, but forgot this is a 1/2 hr workout, so just audibled and mosey’d to the picnic tables for two rounds of Dips/Derkins/Step ups.

Part three: Head to the third running trail where there is a hidden brick pile that Driveby and I found last week! 20 front and lateral shoulder raises in a 6 count, then Brick Plank Rows. These start off easy, but get pretty tough after 20 from what Rubbermaid thought.

FInish up to COT


Pretty small group but some regular chatter. Mostly thinking what this was gonna be like when there is no refreshing breeze and its 95 degrees out! Was pretty balmy out as it was today!

As I mentioned earlier, these Friday Noon workouts are nice end to the week if you have the chance to do it. The park has some nice quick trails and some decent terrain. Would be a good place to check out if you have the time.

Pray for those that were involved in the accident!


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