Cramming for EOGs and Finals

Cramming for EOGs and Finals

School is wrapping up for the kids, but 17 PAX still found time to hit The Appetizer Tuesday afternoon.  YHC knows how important good study time can be so the crew set out to take advantage of being on campus on a beautiful day and do some last-minute studying for those EOGs and Finals this week and next.


Mosey, especially to find YHC’s 2.0s who had gone off in search of sidewalk chalk

Circle up for some exercises

  • Goofball 20x IC
  • Squats IC
  • Merkins 15x Civilian
  • Calf stretch
  • Potato pickers 12x IC


Head to the lower playground track for some exam prep


E: Elevens – start with 10 merkins

O: Over the rock wall (kids) / Over yonder around the play area for a lap

G: Gas pumps


FINALS (on the track, stop at each letter that Black Widow chalked out for 10x of each arm/leg)

F: Floyd Mayweather

I: Imperial Walker

N: Newton’s Cradle

A: American Hammer

L: Lunges

S: Superman



Subject prep!

History: The Obama (4 bear crawl steps followed by 4 merkins, to total 44 merkins)

Math: Protractor (go around the PAX for an angle)

Science: Volcano (squatting quick feet until a PAX called “Explosion!” and everyone jumped up)


Mosey to COT

English: ABCs ab work to spell EOG and Finals



There was a lot of pressure on this weinke because YHC’s 2.0s had high expectations.  The Elevens were more demanding than most had expected, with a longer run than normal.  Zinfandel did an excellent job of getting some pushes in for Elsa on the swing as he passed.  The Obama is a beast of an exercise and thanks to High Hat for the mid-term trivia to break it up a bit.  Dwight is smiles from start to finish, even when he looks miserable out there.  Black Widow was disappointed that there wasn’t a merkin contest because she’s ready to throw down against ANYONE.ANYDAY.

The kids (and adults) thought they were getting a break from schoolwork today, but no sirree. “I hope there’s no math out here” — there would be.  “Why do we do this exercise?  When am I going to use this?”  You’ll say that a lot more until you’re out of school, kid.  “English?  Time is done.”  Teachers don’t care about the clock if they’re in a groove.

The 2.0s have been pushing YHC to the evening workouts more lately and it’s great to see more of the younger 2.0s out and enjoying the time.  Kudos to Dunkin for bringing the crew up north — even if we later found out the main motivation from his M may have been so he’d stop by CAVA on the way home. And kudos to Mulligan for coming with C3PO — not direct 2.0s, but fun still the same. Twinkle Toes and Lefty with the father-son smack talk and challenges is high entertainment.  This is a blast and if you haven’t been out to F3 Dads or an evening workout with the kids, make plans now because they’ll soon be a month older and 6 months older and 3 years older.



  • Blood Drive June 19th at Five Stones Church
  • F3 Dads Camp is a go, in August, and Radar is the Q
  • Crane Relay ~Aug 13

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