Return of the Ringmaster – A Bagpipe Story

Return of the Ringmaster – A Bagpipe Story

COVID-19, the destroyer of so many things we held dear.  Hospitality and Tourism industries may never be the same after the last 18 months, crowded bars and concert venues will likely feel very different when live entertainment returns in force, and Flipper’s Traveling Circus of Pain was shuttered for 18 months.  But, thankfully, we are beginning to emerge from the pandemic induced miasma, and so it was with great joy that YHC buttoned up my metaphorical silver-buttoned jacket before heading into the gloom this morning.  It was time for the three rings of downpainment to return to the PAX of South Charlotte, and no more fitting a place then where it was all born almost 5 years ago, Bagpipe.  The Tax Man cometh, the bean counter Lorax surrendered his Q, and thus the plan was set in motion.

The Thang:

Mosey to the lot adjacent to Loch Ness and circle up for IW, LSS, Moroccan Night Club, and mumble-chatter induced Burpees.

Unload the truck then divide the PAX into 2 groups.  While one group ran to the pull-up bars to complete 10 Pull-Ups per PAX (2 at a time and other PAX do Merkins while they waited) the other group would complete a circuit of:

-Front (or shoulder) squats w/ 80# sandbag

-35# KB swings

-45# Plate Burpees

-Clean & Press w/ 60# sandbag

-40# Slamball slams

-10X 20″, 24″ or 30″ box jumps (this was the timer for rotating to the next station).


Rotate through as each group of PAX returned, the other ran, flap-jack, repeato.  Group Two took 4 trips to the bars, group 1 only got 3.

Mosey back to the launch point for a couple quick minutes of Mary.

Calliope Moleskine:

-I LOVE BAGPIPE.  What a great AO for a Tuesday morning bootcamp.  Great features to add texture to the weinke, and pull-up bars are hard not to use.  I don’t get to post or Q often as often my 2nd morning of the week goes to speed work at Swift.  The Silverlining of PT mandated “low intensity” running this quarter is my availability to step in when Lorax went down.  I really need to find a way to make Bagpipe a feature of my routine from time to time even when I don’t have medically induced intervalitis.

-The PAX (well the 5 I could hear) grumbled mightily about the addition of weight to the workout.  This just means gear needs to be used more frequently (check out Proving Ground or Swole/Meathead/Olympus boys, worth the trip).  Body weight is fantastic, but we need to find more opportunities to use weight to create well rounded strength.  Hopefully the sore shoulders and quads this afternoon will remind the PAX of this.

-YHC hit a 30″ box jump for the first time in YEARS this morning.  Adding plyometrics back into my routine is starting to pay off and it felt good.  Getting out of our boxes and creating discomfort yields results.  Several other PAX also hit 30″, no small feat for white men who can’t jump.

-Frehly’s started out the morning with lots of jokes (hence the burpees in COP) but was quickly quieted.  The only thing I like more than mumble-chatter is silencing it with a brutal workout.  Unfortunately the circuit failed to have the same effect on his flatulence, perhaps we’ve found the real reason for the drop-off in PAX numbers at the ‘pipe

-Bagpipers were ~1 minute late to COT and our Swift brethren were already on to Name-o-Rama when we pulled up.  YHC promptly Shanghaid the proceedings and forced a re-start which received no small amount of mumble chatter. “pretty sure we know how many of us there are.”  “This again?”  Tough crowd, but appreciated them humoring me.  To me, COT is such a huge symbol of what this F3 thing is all about.  No matter our size, our speed, our workout of choice, we come together at the end of our suffering and acknowledge those who struggle beside us.  Not only do we acknowledge their physical struggle in the gloom, but we stand with them as they grapple with life as well.  YHC knows the men of F3 because of COT, and the shield lock it emulates and reinforces.

-Thanks to Cooter and Cable-Guy for tolerating the circus on their watch, and thanks to PAX for hanging with me.  It is always an honor to lead in the gloom, hopefully my lead today was worthy of that honor.




-The return of Crane Relay (August?  not remembering the date but keep your eyes peeled for announcements).  This is such a great race, even Tagalong breaks out the running shoes.

-Last week to donate lightly used running/athletic  shoes as we support our FIA sisters effort.  Bring them to a site this week and the Site Qs will get them to the appropriate party.  Or ping me and I’ll meet you and get them to Cheese Curd

-Functional Strength Challenge this coming Saturday, 0700 at Olde Providence.  Deadlift, Snatch and Pull-Ups max reps for time (got it right that time Frehly’s!)

-Runs & Guns, a running focused strength workout launched this past Monday and will run all summer.  0530 (0515 pre-run) at Calvary Church (Anvil launch point).

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