Cerbridge? WTM? Fuse-overs?

Cerbridge? WTM? Fuse-overs?

Too many titles to go with.

Let me start by saying this “new” Pursuit sucks. Especially the Site Q’s.

In my day, there were no Pursuit Q’s, period. You just got told by Tuck what the route was and you go. I got to have the runner’s stench on me, but no one outside of Pursuit would know how not a runner I am. And not in the Paper Jam chrysalis-to-butterfly runner realization crap. The only thing I have in common with runners is the same number of legs.
I could stay in the WAY back, maybe get seen a time or two, meet back at COT with just as much sweat as the others, but do about half the miles. It was working fine.

Now this bastard, Ghosted, becomes a Site Q and goes insane with power. He pretty much bullies me into Q’ing Pursuit literally minutes after being named Site Q 2 weeks ago. He thinks I owe him for Q’ing The Lycan. Technically, I don’t, since I asked him to Q before he became Site Q. #Rulez
But I, too, am a bastard. Like any man trying to get out of doing work, I’m gonna do stuff to piss off gazelles so I won’t be asked to Q again.


Run up Millbridge Parkway to the pocket park on the left so everyone can wait on me. As usual, I come out of the gun hot, so Pax wrongly believe I have some extra gear I only use when Q’ing. Not true.

Run to the 2nd entrance of Millbridge to cross into Kensington Place as a group. #WholeNewWorld
KP is a single street neighborhood with nice homes, 1 nice Pax, & 1 hill. It’s also the safest place to run backwards up hill about 3 or 4 times. No cars, no dogs, just #CoronaQuiet and groans of fast people who apparently don’t run backwards?
Top of the cul-de-sac, stretch a little. Dogs, can openers, etc. Most were leery of touching the pavement with their hands.

Run back into Millbridge, first road on the left.
There is a set of 3 blocks that I tried to do a WTF version. Run 1 of the blocks, then 2, then all 3.
Thankful to have Turnbuckle with us, as Chastain’s shin started bothering him & they walked together to the next station.

Run to Kensington Elementary for some Four Corners
(Almost) Always facing Nesbit Park, side shuffle across the short sides of the parking lot; run backwards up one side, front ways down the other.
As we were headed to KES, Robocall was eager to head to the school, but let me know he did NOT want to run backwards in the parking lot. Disappointing gazelles never gets old.

The Thang

Run through the back of KES parking lot to Kensington Rd. We’ve been through 2 entrances of Millbridge; now we’re headed to the 3rd.
Now Brat & Flip Phone finally feel unshackled & take off on this downhill jaunt!
Just inside the 3rd entrance is the Ridgeview paved trail. Run in (MORE downhill) & keep left. What goes down, must come up. And it’s almost all in the last 20 yards of the trail. Stay left to come out the 2nd entrance and make a loop of it. You should have enough time for 3 loops, unless you spend some time in the porta-potty…

Here again, TB saves the day, this time walking with Footlong.
Head back to COT.


I hate being pushed out of my comfort zone.

Great to see Footlong back out after injury. Sad to hear he’s moving to Cary. Fuse was eager to tell him the southern acronym for Cary. He’ll tell you, too, even if you don’t ask.


  • MMMMM HM (Monday Morning Mid-May Mental Health Monvergence)
    All Monday workouts converge at Asylum (Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chappel)
    Mental Health-focused workout 5:15 – 6:00 AM with multiple Q’s
    Mental health discussion by Dr. Farnejad (FNG) 6:00 – 6:30 AM
    Bring a chair/bucket/block to sit on
    Chick-fil-a stuff will be provided
    Mental health is becoming less of a stigma. But the stigma, symptoms, & treatment only improve when leaders in our community (that’s you) are OK with talking about it, and able to better support friends & family around them as they struggle.  It’s a good bet that the brother who has fallen away desperately needs to hear this. You need to reach out to him.
  • This Friday’s F3 Nation email newsletter deals exclusively with GrowRuck. It will set you on fire (the bad way at first, then the good way from that point on).
    The closest one to us in a while (and for a while) is in Charlotte on August 6. Signup for this, like Radar & Snowflake just did today: https://growruck.com/growruck/growruck-24-metro/
    Scholarships will be available.
  • Blood Drive
    Five Stones Church
    1117 Cuthbertson Rd
    Saturday, June 19
    09:00 AM – 01:30 PM
  • Flip Phone & Robocall have already committed to the Charlotte Marathon in November. They are looking for suckers.
    ☝ Looks like they also have half-marathons, 5K’s & rucking!
  • Chastain & Sugar Daddy have already committed to the Spartan in Eastern NC July 31. They are looking for suckers.
    ☝ Looks like they also have a 5K OCR & kids race!
  • Radar has already committed to a beer ruck. He is looking for suckers.
  • Brat is collecting gently used shoes/sneakers for a FiA drive going on in South Charlotte. Bring them to Pursuit this Thursday.
  • Radar has foolishly agreed to be the Q for F3 Dad’s Camp at Camp Thunderbird this summer, despite never having been to Dad’s Camp before. If you’ve been, you need to help this man out. Otherwise, I’m going to have a talk with your kids about Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and the birds and the bees – all at once. Help him or start looking for a great kid’s therapist.

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