Afternoon Delight – It’s official?

Afternoon Delight – It’s official?

HEADLINE:  6 PAX skipped out of work cleared their schedules on a Friday

WHERE:  Dogwood Park in Wesley Chapel (side note:  A great AO for those who haven’t visited)

WHEN:  12:30-1:00PM (yes . . . PM stands for Post Morning)

WHY:  Waxhaw’s first afternoon workout in order to not let lazy PAX have an excuse to fartsack all day get more FNGs and Kotters into the mix

HOW:  Since it’s only 30 minutes, we got right into it with a quick trail mosey to other side of pond

  • SSH, Merkins, MC, PP, Lunge Squats
  • Mosey to bridge
    • P1:  Runs to right bench and does 10 derkins
    • P2:  Runs to left bench up hill and does 10 derkins
    • Meet together and do 5 high five burpees
    • Repeato
  • Bomb Jack / Deep Railing Squat
    • 1 x 4 . . . 5 x 20
  • Mosey to hill
    • P1:  Runs up hill to flagpole and does 3 burpees
    • P2:  10 merkins, 10 MC, 10 PP, repeato until P1 returns
    • x 3
  • Mosey to bottom of stairs
    • P1:  Runs up hill 3 audible 2 times
    • P2:  Air Gores (?) until P1 returns (Air Gore = hold Al Gore position but then jump)
  • Backwards run up hill
    • Derkin Plank walk on half wall . . . 10 to right, 10 to left

COT:  May is Mental Health Awareness month

  • Fredo shared an encouragement about being vulnerable and honest with fellow brothers
    • Our 2 most common outlets are Work and Wife
    • What happens when both of those aren’t going well
    • We need other men to open up to and share vulnerabilities/encouragement
  • Honeycomb’s son Chum had finger surgery today
    • Apparently, holding hedge trimmers the wrong way isn’t good
    • Prayers for quick recovery and that God would use this time to reveal things to Chum
  • Are we making Afternoon Delight official?
    • 2 weeks in a row of backblasts!?!?
    • It’s starting to feel official
    • Would anybody be willing to be a Site Q with me?
      • No experience needed
      • No obligation to show up every week
      • Just somebody willing to show up every once in awhile and book some Qs
    • Initial thought is to have an official launch the Friday before Memorial Day
      • Nobody works that day anyway
    • Second thought is to make this a 3 Season workout
      • Spring, Fall, and Winter
      • Summer is too dang hot at 12:30pm
    • Summer is for F3 Dads at Dogwood Park
      • Look for announcement
      • Saturday mornings

Let’s PLANT, GROW, and SERVE . . . there are LOTS of men in our path that need Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.  Be bold and courageous to tap guys on the shoulder who need it.

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