Less than 8 hours of RockZero

Less than 8 hours of RockZero

My first Q in quite some time at RockZero, weather was perfect and no site Qs were joining the workout, so we could celebrate May Day in peace. I did promise no burpees and that the workout would be less than an 8 hour work day, and I think we were successful.

The Thang

Warmup run to side of Calvary which included someĀ  high knees, butt kickers, karaoke. Had to go around a bit to add be able to get both sides of the karaoke, but the PAX still complained it wasn’t quite enough karaoke.

Circle up for some SSH, mountain climbers, IW, Merkins (seems like I need to work on my cadence counting for merkins), Sharon Towers, Carolina Dry Docks, Low slow squats.


Run to grassy field in front of the church

5 corners – deconstructed burpee edition

Middle: jumpsquats x16

Corners (x16):




Heels to heaven


Second round reduced this to 8, which felt much better.


North Face:

Feet on curb planks, with called exercises, and some moves to the sides (bear walks?)

Shoulder taps, Mountain climbers, arm highs, back pockets, peter parkers and various other fun little activities that were broken up by some North Face loops. Think we did 3-4 loops, but who is keeping track anyway.


Rock Pile / Baseball Field:

Lifting rock

Partner 1 runs around outside of field (obstacle course)

Partner 2 does exercise curls, overhead press, tricep ext, rock squats.

Joker Lap – each partner had to do at least 1 joker lap hitting all the bases.


Back for some Mary.



Thanks for letting me lead! It has been a while since I’ve done some North Face loops and Baseball field loops, both of which turns out is quite a bit of distance, so that managed to eat up most of the workout. We did manage to get a good 3.3 miles, but that did mean we didn’t quite have time for the 2nd half of the weinke. Still, was fun to do some of the more “old school” items at RockZero. Great work by the PAX, especially since no one got hurt on the baseball field loops (man, those holes are huge).

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