WAH!! I need to rest for WTF…

WAH!! I need to rest for WTF…

AO: Impromptu   QIC: bluescreen
Pax: Schneider, Ricky Bobby, carb load, doughboy, fuse box, chatterbox, Akbar, Zinfandel, Beetle, Bottle cap, maple syrup, shop dog

Whining started before we ran that some PAX were at pursuit to “rest” for tomorrow’s WTF.  My last chance to Q for April today… couldn’t let Chatterbox down.

Run to bathroom (that didn’t sound right!)
Plank and calf stretch
Runners stretch
Potato pickers (Q lacked rhythm on this exercise and almost quit and went home!)
Monkey humpers

Run backwards to each light
Run Karaoke back
Lots of near collisions… Stay to the right please!
5 merkins at each end

Had to modify a bit for some whiners who did not want to run backwards or karaoke…

Run to circle
Loop back to fence
Bottom 5 burpees
Top jump squats

Run to wood benches
20 Dips
Run to metal bench by door
20 durkins

Run to football parking lot
Grab a rock
Top of parking lot w rock
20 presses, Curls, chest presses, rows Followed by ascending brickies two, four, six, eight

Slow cool down mosey Run to COT. Carb loads competitive nature kicked in….and all of us ended up sprinting at the end!

What is it about guys from Briarcrest that troubles me in BBs?  I can never remember if it’s IE or EI in Schneider??? And RickyBoobie sounds better than Bobby…

And if FuseBOX and ChatterBOX check in during Name O’ Rama sequentially… isn’t that a bit odd?

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