Show Up, Get Better and Give Back – 2.0 Edition

Show Up, Get Better and Give Back – 2.0 Edition

My little men have been posting at workouts over the last year or two based on 2.0 friendly workouts. Over the last few months, both the Tuesday and Thursday workouts are a big hit with my kids. The participate most the time and my daughter enjoys the SSH during the warm up.

We always talk about why we attend these workouts and discuss why it’s so much bigger than the bootcamps. Now they ask me to attend, volunteer to come to downtown cleanup and have been throwing out ideas of things they might do different at a workout.

The fellas all do a great job just greeting the kids, encouraging the kids, challenging them to call an exercise and even count in cadence. It can be very intimidating for a lot of us but through doing we get better. Now imagine being a little kid…

Then I see the confidence and the poise Speedbump has on a Wand I set my eyes on a new challenge for my kids. I planned to give them more of a runway but no better time than to jump into the foxhole with a Q opening.

The date was set. They brought some ideas to the table. We cleaned them up as a group. The divided who did what and we were a go…


DiCCS!! They got a good snicker out of this regardless of spelling. That’s time and we are off.

Mosey to the front of the school and circle up:

• Side Straddle Hop

• Moroccan Night Club

• Plank

• Merkins

• Calf Stretch

• Runners Pose and RECOVER!

Connor called Paula Abdul – Up 2 cones, Back 1 cone – 2 Rounds. Exercises written on the cones! Only got through about 1 round and the tail was running a bit long. Recover.

Caleb asked us to mosey to the stairs for a cycle:

• Bottom of the stairs – 10 squats

• Bunny hop up the stairs

• 10 donkey kicks on the wall

• Run down, 10 merkins at the corner

• 3 rounds – LETS GO!

Connor is back up and it’s time to mosey to the Grass!!

• Circle up for a fire drill!

• High knees or run-in place

• When they yell FIRE, drop down for a burpee

• The boys handled this along with all 6 girls.

Time to mosey back to the cars where we planned a little surprise. I pulled out a bucket full of ice water, paper airplanes and a makeshift dice. Boys called it:

• Break into family groups.

• Each group will Roll the dice for an exercise that everyone will complete.

• Meanwhile Dads and kids will take turns in a paper airplane contest!

• Longest throw wins, loser gets ice cold water dumped on head!

We got through the group at least once and then the kids went round for round with the airplanes. The dads flipped the exercise dice for 4 minutes until time ran out. And that’s a wrap!


It was a success and some of the kids left way more soaked than I’m sure the parents wanted/expected. All in all everyone was all smiles and I know my boys were so happy for it to be over.

They were really nervous but powered through after we did a few practices. I wasn’t sure exactly how they would do but I know they all the exercises and it’s just a matter of putting it all together.

After dinner we sat down and I quasi-interviewed after the dust settled to see how they felt. They both were elated overall but when I asked if they knew the importance of everyone sort of pitching in to make these workouts happen. Both shared it’s more difficult than they had imagined but like chores it’s fair to spread it across the families. So very true…

Lastly, in my travels several regions I have been to don’t close with a prayer but maybe a call to action. I know a few guys have read speeches or motivational words but I’ve missed those Qs. I actually called Posse to find out what the F3 protocol was. I didn’t think we had anything required but I respect the process. No requirements…

I started searching for a poem that was from a dad to his children. I’m really proud of the dads posting with their kiddos and wanted something that spoke to them directly. I know for a fact my kids will remember days like this when they are older and I wanted to put a period at the end sentence of my kids first co-Q with something special. Here it is:

From Dad by Richard Burge

I never thought I could love someone

The way that I love you (two).

I’m completely fascinated

With everything you (kids) do.


I don’t regret a moment with (either of) you,

Whether good or bad.

You have made my life complete,

The best life a guy could have.


You might not ever notice

Everything I do,

But everything I’m doing

Is for no one else but you (two).


My goal in life is simple.

It’s to be your fathers first.

To protect, defend, and love you

(Even) When you are at your worst.


I know when you grow older

You won’t want me (as much) anymore.

If you ever need me, though,

I’ll be waiting at the door.


Promise you will come to me

With any problem that you have.

I’ll always be right here for you.

I love you both!  Love, Dad

I got a little weak in the voice saying it in the group with my kids next to me. I certainly won’t forget it and the boys asked me to read it again before bed. Mission accomplished.

How will make memories with your kids? When will your kids post for the first time? When will you ask “when do you want to Q?” and not “do you want to Q?”. Time to set new mini goals with your children. Not chores but something challenging to strive for. Not just a team sport activity, those are great too, but a new obstacle for them to tackle with you by their side.

Cheers fellas!

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