You’re on Deck!

You’re on Deck!

YHC got a DM on Slack on Monday from Bratwurst saying that he was unavailable for Swift on Tuesday: “I can’t be at Swift tomorrow and we need a Q.  You’re on deck!”  YHC debated avoiding the DM altogether because of the anticipated late night with the NCAA championship game (Oh, Gonzaga, why?  Why?!)  YHC finally posted in the run channel in the evening as the Q.

With no clue what would be on the agenda for the workout, YHC dragged along and on to Swift leaning towards a 3/6/1 interval set.  Atlas, Bunker and Tiger Rag were waiting in the parking lot upon arrival and then YHC announced that Brat had reached out about the Q.  Then TR or Bunker said, “Yeah, I think he sent that to several guys.”  Wow, that hurts, Brat.

With four PAX of varying stages of taper, post-race and general tiredness, we took TR’s suggestion and headed to Target for a non-traditional Swift morning.  It turned into a man-date with TR and Bunker pairing up and Atlas resigning himself to YHC’s companionship, but everyone appeared content with their partner — conversations were had, laughs exchanged, world problems solved.  It was a change from the norm, but it was a good day to be at Swift.

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