If you can’t do it, don’t Q it

If you can’t do it, don’t Q it

5 pax showed up at Calvary in various states of cold weather gear for what is hopefully the last cold morning for several months. Bells were unloaded and distributed, tunes were loaded up on Spotify, and a disclaimer was given.


  • Racked carry L
  • Prying squat
  • Racked carry R
  • Prying squat
  • 1-handed swing L x 10
  • Windmill x 10 IC
  • 1-handed swing R x 10

Main event:

  • Neupert: 9 sets of 3 DCL/DMP EMOM
  • Easy Strength: 3 double deadlifts (heavy), 3 renegade rows (per side), 10 explosive merkins x 3 sets
  • Viking Warrior Snatch Complex: 5-7 snatches at the top of the minute (:15 to complete), :15 rest, 5-7 snatches at the bottom of the minute (:15 to complete), :15 rest – for 15 minutes. Lighter weights target higher reps and heavier weights target lower reps. The goal is to complete 150-210 snatches in 15:00.
  • Goshawk: 8 goblet/teabag squats, suitcase carry 20 meters. Repeato for 8 rounds.
  • Holds: :20 double overhead holds, :20 double racked holds, :20 rest. Repeato for 3 rounds.
  • Mary: elbow plank, hollow body hold, glute bridge for 1:00 each.

COT – thanks to Cottonmouth for the takeout.


  • Please check Slack and the F3 South Charlotte website for upcoming CSAUPs – there are a ton of them. We’ve got trail runs, mountain runs, road runs, strength challenges, rut breakers, GORUCK events. There really is something for everyone out there. Pick an event (or a few), set a goal, and challenge yourself. It’s a great way to get out there and meet people from different regions too.
  • Backblasts are back! If you Q, it’s your responsibility to post one, so do it! If the workout Q doesn’t post one, it’s up to the site Q to post one. Embellishments are allowed, even recommended.


  • Thanks to the pax for getting out there on a cold morning and following my lead. I don’t know about the rest of the pax, but I woke up tired and not really feeling it. If I were working out alone, I would have rolled over and gone back to bed. Knowing I had other pax relying on me to show up and Q got me moving and once the workout started, I forgot all about how tired I was (until the snatches). I’ve never regretted posting, but I usually regret not posting. Keep that in mind the next time you think about snoozing through a workout.
  • High Tide had offered to Q this morning, but had to bail due to a severe back spasm on a run yesterday. He offered to share the weinke with me to save me the prep time, which I appreciate. What I didn’t appreciate was him programming the 2 worst complexes out there for a workout he wasn’t going to make. The Viking Warrior snatch program is supposed to be 40:00 of snatches, but we scaled it back to only 15:00. It gets your heart rate up and keeps it there with just enough rest to catch your breath before you’re going again. The Goshawk doesn’t seem that bad until you start doing it and you don’t get to put the bell down the whole time. It’s a lot of squats and a lot of tension for a long period of time. All in all, a tough workout that High Tide developed and then missed. Feel better soon!
  • I hadn’t seen Victoria in a while, so it was good to have him back out. He picked a tough first workout to attend and did a great job on it. I hope to see him back out there soon.
  • While we were warming up, Cottonmouth mentioned to Victoria how Stone Cold put together a solid beatdown at Skunkworks a couple of weeks ago with “more reps, since we do lower rep workouts at Swole/Meathead/Olympus.” I think he retracted that statement during the snatches.
  • Sound off in the comments with anything I missed. Have a happy Easter!


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