Chiseled Part II – So This is How You Do It

Chiseled Part II – So This is How You Do It

Felt so good to be back at the official Chiseled AO this morning. Rudy was officially on Q and had put together a fine recipe that would more than get the job done today. I was ready to run around and follow orders or divide and lead another group. Ended up being Q2 today so after DICCS (including CDC compliant additions) were given we moseyed, warmed up and then went our separate ways for pain delivery. Moseyed toward the front of campus and U-turn back toward the back parking lot near Mt Chiseled. Big spread out circle for warm up which is already posted so won’t be redundant here…


Being the second Q I had a chance to sprinkle in some personal modifications so we went ahead and went over partners and the logistics of the workout. I wanted us to get good and warmed up so went with a quick series 7 of 1 LS Squat on one end then run down and 6 burpees on the other. Rinse and repeat until 6 LS Squats and 1 burpee. Mission accomplished. 

Next up 200 bobby hurlys and 200 merkins shared with your partner. P1 runs down to end of parking lot and back then switch. To soften the blow of death by merkins (or maybe made it worse…) we modified each time from wide, normal and diamond. Everyone pushed hard and had plenty of time for the next round.

On to 100 big boys and 100 flutters shared with partner. We modified the run on this one to a lap around the sidewalk / island near the church office and then a bear crawl from the last lamp post to the stairs. Also got the job done. With a couple minutes left we finished up with pax choice abs. D.U.N


I gotta say the opening mosey, warm up and split to groups went smooth like we’ve been doing this a while and it’s the new normal. I enjoyed leading this crew and Rudy’s workout was simple but kept us moving and was hard! Shout out to Easy Button for jumping in at the end to finish off our abs. Dude, take care of that calf injury. Ponzi made his second appearance this week and hung with the group the whole time. How long have you been dormant again?… AND not to mention half way in his commute to the AO he realized he was still wearing his slippers, turned around to go home and grab shoes and still made it. No looking back now dude! Sledge-o-matic I’m pretty sure I referred to you as 0-69 this morning so I apologize… but you were hustling and wanted to make it be known so it’s the thought that counts I guess. Just more proof that all systems have not come on line yet at that hour which is why I think we’re able to do this every single week. We literally don’t realize what we’re doing most of the time! Shop Dawg, must have hit the pre workout juice hard before he got there because he was rocking the whole time. Damascus kept up a leaders pace and helped encourage the group. Always appreciated. Brutus, great to finally catch up for a moment in real life! Didn’t get to with Posse or Centerfold but I know they were there and did things until the end. Great job! COT got a little messy with two small groups but other than that a stellar COVID friendly Chiseled beat down. 


See Rudy’s post! Until next time…. 

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