26 PAX braved the mid-January morning weather for a little fun at F3 Hydra this morning. A brief disclaimer was given to the 3 or 4 guys listening and then we were off.


The Thang

To celebrate Clemson’s dominance over the past week (on the hardwood, of course), we circled up at the OPE basketball court for a little warm-up.

  • Imperial Walker x 14
  • Low Slow Squats x 15
  • Side Straddle Hop x 15
  • Merkins x 15 – hold into plankorama

That’s 59 total warm-up reps for those keeping track at home in honor of the great Luke Kuechly, who announced his retirement earlier this week. Cheers to one of the best linebackers to ever play the game.

From there, we moseyed over to Windyrush and Summerlin aka Evelyn’s Rock. Everyone’s favorite Hill/Rock combo east of Death Valley meant it was time for some 11’s. Start at the bottom with 1 squat jump, head up the hill for 10 burpees, and so forth. Maybe the PAX listened to the disclaimer more than I initially thought because there was certainly a lot modifying here. The tag team of Sprockets and Cheese Curd led us in planks while waiting for the 6, which included YHC.

Mosey to Wesley United Methodist Church parking lot – split into groups of 2. Grab a lifting rock. Partner 1 runs to opposite corner of the church parking lot and does 20 merkins. Partner 2 stays back and does rock curls until P1 gets back. Flapjack. Next set was 20 Carolina Dry Docks for P1, while P2 did overhead presses with the rock. Flapjack again. The plan was to do this until each partner had done 2 sets of merkins, curls, CDDs, and overhead press, but we had to modify before the last half of the rotation due to time. Sorry Partner 1’s. Or Partner 2’s…I’m not sure who complained more.

Mosey back to the starting point and count it off.



26 PAX was nearly a record at Hydra. Like Gummy said, the 11’s was one way to quiet them quickly.

Tripp, like Austin Powers, had some trouble controlling the volume of his voice by the houses at Evelyn’s Rock. He apparently thought he was in the Astros’ dugout. In his defense, he was merely trying to encourage the PAX, but was quickly told to hush. I think the only acceptable yelling this week would have been “LUUUUUUKE.”

Per Hopper, the circuit finished just north of 3 miles. A handful of guys ran in and probably doubled that total. Respect. Claim your extra credit below.

Sprockets used a lifting rock about the size of the WUMC parking lot. It’s a good thing he wore a bright highlighter vest so nobody even noticed.

No announcements other than the standard beer run announcement from Gummy. Details are on Slack apparently. I’m with Puddin – don’t drink and run.

Sprockets/Gummy – Thank you for the opportunity to Q this morning. Always an honor at Hydra. Especially when the weather is in the mid-60s in January.

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4 years ago

In our household, “11s” are what we call that situation where one of the kiddos has a perpetual case of parallel mucus rivers running southward from both nostrils. I’m not sure version of “11s” is less desirable.

Thanks for the Q, Rev!

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