The Meathead/Anvil (Manvil?) combo is a good idea. Pax now have the option to do a bootcamp or swing bells. Voodoo invited YHC to join the KB crew. When he learned I had the Anvil Q he told me to lead the group over to the KBs. Great to have options, especially when the plan was relatively loose for bootcamp. Puddin rolled in at the very last moment. Disclaimer given. Off we go.


Mosey around some of the parking lots of Calvary, cutting through the thick gloom this morning. Circle up.


SSH x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Mosey through campus to Avenue of Trees.

Down Avenue of Trees. Stop at each tree on right (10) for 5 reps of called exercise. Mosey back to thoroughfare and plank.

  1. Merkin
  2. Squats
  3. Heels to heaven

AYG up AOT. Mary: Flutter x 20/Hold 6 inches/Dolly x 15/Hold 6 inches

AYG back down AOT. Continue at mosey pace to Hotbox.

10 Step Up/10 Dip. Repeat until called by QIC. 5-6 reps.

Mosey up through campus toward Entrance 2. Stop at grassy knoll. Bear crawl to the other side. Continue mosey to Rock Pile. Grab lifting rock.

Civilian Cadence Rock Exercises to 10. Rock does not touch ground.

Curl/Tri Ext/Curl/Tri Ext/Curl/Tri Ext/Overhead Press/Overhead Press/Curl/Overhead Press/Tri Extenseion/Curl. Return rocks.

Mosey through campus. Lunge walk through grassy knoll plaza. Stop at parking lot light in a middle lot.

Triple Nickel

Run down the parking lot to the far light. 5 Burpees. Run back. 5 Jump Squat. 5 total reps.

Mosey back to launch. 4 MOM.

COT with Meathead


At least 50% of the pax had green on for a picture to post to Twitter with #RyleighStrong at the request of F3Louisville. Ryleigh is sick and Louisville pax are rallying around her.

3rd F3 post of 2020. 2nd Q. Enjoyed that workout today. Solid crew who put in some hard work.

Lorax and Brilleaux traded off being out front, mostly. Snuka had to be chased down a few times. Point Break continues to post and appears to be getting faster and stronger. That’s what we do. Clover was pushing on the sprints and demonstrating solid form, much like Tagalong. Margo’s beard soaked in some of the heavy gloom. Sanka grabbed a giant rock. He may traded with Lorax after a while. Puddin put in the work, as usual. Well done men.

Tagalong hadn’t posted Anvil in a while so he engaged site Q Lorax in a conversation regarding the rock incident a while back. He was curious as to what had occurred in the aftermath. Not much, really. We decided it would be a good idea to invite another group to join ours. And bring several metal bells that would be set in the parking lots, hopefully not to be run over. Continue to be mindful on this campus and all other AO’s. We are privileged to be allowed to workout at these places.

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