Let’s rumble

Let’s rumble

10 pax (with 2 pre-runners) made it out to Meathead this morning for

Following an effective disclaimer, Champagne got straight to work and the rest of the pax followed, eschewing the usual SSH and arm circle warm up.

The Thang:

  • 5 sets of 5 presses per side (try to take as step up in weight) = 50 presses
  • 24 sets of 10 1H swings EMOTM (alternating hands each minute) = 240 1H swings
  • 4 x :90 of farmer walks (ran out of time after 3, but a few pax wrapped them up)

COT: We went over the allotted time slightly, but the Anvil pax were kind enough to re-do the count and name-o-rama.


  • If anyone is interested in the Run Ranger Run fundraiser, let me know. My cousin in F3 NOLA (Reluctant Yankee) has challenged me to beat his team.
  • A number of pax wore green in support of a little girl in Louisville. Keep Ryleigh in your prayers.


  • This workout is grueling. The 2nd F helps with the boredom you might otherwise feel while doing the 24:00 of swings, but your grip gets no break as you move right into the carries. Everybody was working hard and getting stronger this morning.
  • These workouts have plenty of rest built in, so try to focus on form. Try to squeeze your quads, glutes, abs, and lats on the presses and at the top of the swings. On the carries, roll your shoulders back and stick your chest out to stand up straight.
  • Madison and Gypsy, both of whom are new to kettlebell workouts (to my knowledge), are both stalwarts of the new 3/week workouts. Gypsy has been at every one and Madison only missed once when he was scheduled to Q elsewhere. Both are buying bells and putting in solid work. I just hope we don’t lose them when run training starts picking up.
  • C3PO (site FNG) showed up a bit late and missed most of the presses, but he got in there for the swings and carries. Nice work,  young man.
  • Chin Music got back from NOLA yesterday and got right back to work. Although he didn’t get the outcome he wanted in the national championship, his Clemson Tigers played well. He also got to eat beignets, which is always a win.
  • Champagne was crushing the presses with the 28kg bell (~62lbs). Mighty Mite was also working with a big bell and I know Hoover is looking to upsize his bells though I don’t know what he was pressing. All 3 of them were doing the farmer carries with the 28kg or 32kg bells. I tried to keep up, but struggled to make it back to the finish on time.
  • Soul Glo made his first Wednesday post and crushed it. Hopefully his schedule allows him to keep making it back out.
  • Thanks to High Tide for the company on the pre-run. He was breaking in his sweet new wheels with about 400 lbs of bells. Half the workout was just putting away all the toys he brought out.
  • YHC will be DR for the next 3 workouts, but you’ll be in good hands with the other site Qs. Don’t get too swole without me!

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