Forgot How Old I am

Forgot How Old I am

Several pax pulled in at the bell. A few gave YHC a hard time about a “rusty” disclaimer. Fair enough. 1st Q in 3 months. Glad to be standing in the middle ready to lead these fine men. Off we went.

Mosey through campus, North on 51 to WF parking lot. Circle up.


IW x 15 IC

MC x 15 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

5 Burpees OYO

Mosey South on 51 and back through campus to the parking deck, AKA, Tartarus. Gather at the entrance on Level 1. Al Gore while waiting and instructions given.

Ramp Set

Run up a level via short ramps. 10 Heels to Heaven/15 Merkin/10 Jump Squats. 1st 3 add 5 Heels to Heaven (Restrictor Plate). Continue to top. 3 exercise stops. Mary at top to regroup: 25 Flutter IC.

Descend Stairwell 1 to ground. Plank-o-rama.

Stair Set 

AYG up Stairwell 1 to Level 4. 5 Burpees/20 LBC. Run over to Stairwell 2 and descend to ground level. 5 Burpees/20 LBC. Repeat Stair Set x 2. Increase Burpees by 5 each rep. 60 Burpees total.


Complete one more rep of Ramp Set from above. People’s Chair for a minute or so. Mosey to Stairwell 2 and descend to ground level. Continue mosey to launch lot.

Merkin Mary

High Flutter x 20 IC. Hold 6 inches. Right Leg High. 10 Count. Swap for left with 10 count. Hold legs at Dolly. 10 count. Merkin x 10 IC.



The website was down this morning. Wingman, wizard of all tech, fixed it, of course. Thanks WM, appreciate you.

YHC posted one time in December. My family had a lot going on with my father-in-law’s passing. Felt great to be back out with my F3 brothers at Centurion. 1st Q in 3 months. Had a few on the books, but was sick 3 separate times this fall and had a family scheduling problem with a swim meet. Not the best 4th quarter. Getting back out in the gloom has been great this week.

Kotters to Uncle Phil, a neighbor of YHC. Good to see him back out. Bout Time ran in and back. #stud. Good to meet Graffiti and Danica. Well done today, men. Hope to see you again soon. Point Break hit up the Mud Gear store for a neon reflective F3 shirt. He’s all in. Hops was complaining about the ascending Burpees to no one’s suprise. YHC’s internal voice was also complaining after the call was made. Margo brought the Shovel Flag. Snuka did a 10-count correctly, and smoked the workout. Brilleaux hit the workout in his working man way. Lorax was out front mostly with several on his heels. As always, good work Pro. Clover was not wearing any Notre Dame regalia, perhaps the first time at an F3 post?

This week, getting back into it, has hurt. To be expected and embraced. Very thankful to be back out with you men. Definitely missed it. Was recording Name-o-Rama and got to myself. Got my hospital name correct, F3 name correct, but was off on my age by two years. I am 43, rather than the 41 I belted out. That’s what happens when you smoke yourself and are “rusty.”

Take some time in the new year to reach out to a man, or men, who have fallen out of F3. Invite them back out. Offer to pick them up. If they don’t want to post, invite them for a coffee, lunch, or a beer. Connect.

T-claps to Lorax for a successful post-Christmas Marathon Key fishing trip and, more importantly, for the meaningful takeout prayer.

No announcements today. Have a great weekend, men.

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4 years ago

It’s good to have you back out there, Mermaid.

4 years ago

You know you are tired when you’re off by two years on your age. Thankful for you Mermaid. I was hurting all morning. Your Q’s are always tactical & painful
Margo had some extra gas in the tank this morning.
Utah….what the heck?!

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