“Welcome to the Party Pal!” – John McClane

“Welcome to the Party Pal!” – John McClane

Banjo and I get the call from Deadwood while he’s out in Utah that the private plan doesn’t land until midnight. After the limo ride from the tarmac to his home he won’t get to sleep in his hyperbaric chamber until probably 1:30am. No problem bud, we can handle flash….

I log into South Charlotte’s F3 site to see who is on Q to post the marketing and whoops, I have the Q at Ignition. Sorry Banjo but you will go it alone this AM.

What to do for my 37th Q, what to do. I don’t want to set the mileage record because that’s boring as hell. Just straight running for 60 minutes? I’ve followed that Q and I hate it. So I planned a Q that started with demoralizing running in the gloom chasing yourself and by the end we would finish together. Let’s roll!

DiCCS given. A Flash participant almost took off with us and we saved him just before lift off.


Mosey to the front of the school and onto the main road. Run down passed the buses and end at Rudy’s Palace of Fine Poops. Circle up… (0.46mi)

• 20 x SSH

• 20 x Low slow squats

• 10 x Moroccan Night Clubs

• Jimmy Dugan

• Calf Stretch

Time for a lispy play on Burpee Mile. The Mike Tyson 1.6th Mile. Starting at the palace, complete 4 MTs. Run up towards COT stopping at the small sidewalk which takes you to the back of the school and complete 8 MTs. Run down said sidewalk passed the lunch benches, stopping at the corner near the dumpsters and buses. Complete another 8 MT and continue back down to the start of Rudy’s Porcelain Emporium to complete 8 MTs. Complete 4 laps. That’s 24 MTs per lap + 4 from the start = 100 total MTs (2.06mi)

Let’s mosey to those nice new benches! (2.31mi)

At the benches 10 x box jumps, at first traffic circle 30 x Speedskaters and at the second traffic circle 15 x monkey humpers. Down and back 2.5 times. (3.51mi)

Mosey to the center of the lot for a starfish. 10 Big Boy Situps at the center every time. Complete 10 of each: Carolina Dry Docks, 6” plank jacks, Bobby Hurley’s and gas pumps. (3.95mi)

Long ass mosey back to the finish. Stopping periodically for a round of 5 burpees. At the end two jail breaks to burn any excess gas in the tank. (4.56mi)


That opening lispy MT 1.6mi was an ass kicker! 100 MTs with all that running inbetween was rough. Everything else went as planned and no audibles were called. Everyone got over 4mi and the guys in the front broke 5. I looked at my watch to see 4.81mi and a 1,000 burn which is perfect because I’m going after the pride and the glory in the weight loss competition.

Great job to everyone that posted this morning! Bottlecap and Hollywood in the front of the pack all morning. Wolverine was too and it was great to see him back out. I spent most of the morning running next to Legal Zoom and that dude pushes hard. Shake’s humorous “no” makes me laugh every time he says it no matter what. I thought we were going to lose Recalc when we crossed up with Flash but Dana held his hand through the traffic circle to give him the strength he needed. Great to see Prime posting for this 3rd time today and his 2nd Ignition Post? Dang! Great job Cobbler pushing through it all this AM.

Today is that tough reality. We are all officially going back to work after a great few weeks of quite days (for a lot of us). Stay the course boys! Have a great day at work, get good meals in, spend quality time with the family, get a good nights rest and set the alarm for 430am. We are back in the gloom tomorrow….


Recalc at Bushwood and Wedding Singer at Watchtower

3rd F Squad is collecting toothbrushes and toothpaste, bring to any workout to drop off.

Saturday, 8am – Christ Closet’s Organizing and Folding party!

Welcome FNG, Slow Pitch!

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