12 Days of Christmas comes to Base Camp

12 Days of Christmas comes to Base Camp

6 men decided to start their week right by posting Basecamp.

Despite the nasty weather, they decided to partake of the 12 days of KB Christmas – Basecamp Style.

YHC has no interesting in getting soaked in 40 deg temps with wind and rain so did some recon yesterday and decided AO had some decent cover.

The Thang

Basecamp KB 12 days of Christmas – after quick disclaimer, YHC provided quick overview of the proceeding 12 days of Christmas workout. Provided a few KB tutorials to help some of the newbies. Entertainment was also provided to add to the holiday festivities. YHC is a huge fan of Vince Guaraldi – so it was Charlie Brown Christmas for the pax this am.

Quick warmup with a few prying goblet squats and halos – then to work.

12 Days of Christmas format – with each new day, do that exercise, then work thru all the previous exercises.

1st Day – 1 half dozen diamond merkins on your bell.

2nd Day – 2 Goblet Cossack squats per leg

3rd Day – 3 Halos

4th Day – 4 Viking Presses – (2 per side)

5th Day – 5 High Pulls per side

6th Day – 6 OHP per side

7th Day – 7 Goblet Squats

8th Day – 8 American Hammers (R+L = 1)

9th Day – 9 RDL per leg

10th Day – 10 Hack Squats (crowd pleaser)

11th Day – 11 Cleans per side

12th Day – 12 2 H Swings



Great work by everyone today – this was a ton of work to get done in 45 mins. Made it most of the way, but combined 11th and 12th day at the end to make it right at 6:15. Thanks Men for braving the elements and starting the week off right. Kept everyone dry – mainly due to rain and KBs do not mix – slippery handles = bad situation. Everyone worked thru and made it thru the 12 days and no windows were taken out. .

Jello and Thunder Road – thanks again for the opportunity to lead and for covering for YHCs oversight earlier this year with the Q. Will be happy to be back and happy to bring the KBs back.

Thanks again men for denying the fartsack and joining YHC for some KB fun. Hope it was worth it.

And thanks to Voodoo for supplying extra bells and to High Tide, who is DR, who provided YHC with a large assortment of KBs to share – he may have a KB problem.




Holiday Happy Hour today – The Lodge 4:00 to 6:00 pm

Look for new gear workouts and schedules for the upcoming year.

New Monday gear workout at McAlpine Elementary starting after the first of the year – watch the schedule. – Site Qs to be Mighty Mite and Ickey.

Wednesday – Meathead to move to Anvil and launch with Anvil to provide options – Boot camp or gear.

Other changes coming too.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.


Champagne Out.


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4 years ago

Thanks for leading, Champagne. It was a good workout and I made my site FNG post to Base Camp!

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