Back to the drawing board

Back to the drawing board

As Thanksgiving is looming, what better way to get in front of the bird, sweat it out and evidently work on our strava turkey draw. Solid crowd per normal out this morning to fight the cool, but relatively pleasant upper 30’s. Quick disclaimer, acknowledgement of FNG (one of Bucky’s B-N-Law) and we were off.

Light mosey past the hotel down past the small pond and found our way into some frosty grass that was about 2 month overdue for their final mow the season. A slight crunch as we high stepped our way into position for a quick warm-up: 15 x SSH 15 x low slow squat 15 x imperial walker


Decided last minute to change up the game plan and reverse our ladder for a count down from 15 all the way to 1. Three stops each lap around the pond stopping at the first office building for 15 big boy sit-ups, followed by 14 burpees at the next building to round off the lap with 13 double leg lunges. Repeat exercises each lap around the pond descending down to one. Evidence of solid work as the steam came rolling off everyone’s head (except Tag-a-long, his excess heat got stuck filtering though his unibomber beard) by lap 3.

Mosey up to the courtyard putting green for 3 merkin laps around the rectangle stopping at each corner for a different version of the beloved exercise. Guys this morning were fortunate enough to enjoy wide arm, diamond, exploding and hand release merkins at each corner in their travels around the horn.

Mosey back to launch coming into a solid crowd of Swift runners.

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