A Submarine Trivia Morning

A Submarine Trivia Morning

Since Delta missed the Veterans week workouts, he rebooted for a submarine trivia and facts morning and when mistakes were made had the PAX perform 6-8-8s in honor of the First and Finest SSN Los Angeles. 6 -8-count body builders as done in boot camp followed by 8 squats (6-8-8). With so little submarine trivia known by the PAX, this exercise was completed many times.

Mosied to warm up location. Performed a normal typical warm up. Followed by a 6-8-8 when the PAX did not know what submariners called all surface ships, even though they were standing right in front of the Target store. Mosied to next location where in honor of 126 years of CPOs, we did 126 bear crawls. This was followed by lunge-lunge-squat total 12 in honor of certain design criteria of an SSBN (all unclassified information of course). Then the PAX did get the next two trivia questions correct in regard to a certain President’s acting career as a submarine captain and therefore they were rewarded with 25 double count LBCs for both questions. This was followed by 46 single leg mountain climbers at each speed bump (6) for a total of 288; another important number. Then the PAX failed another trivia question on the first submarine used in warfare and had to do another 688. Mosied to next location. BTW – the answer is the Turtle in 1776 and not the Hunley.

Another trivia question was asked and this time I was nice and allowed a partial answer which this time it was the Hunley so we did 25 double count LBCs. Then Performed a mixture of your own count of dips, step ups and dirkens for a total of 154 a number important for SSGNs.

Mosied to next location for two reps of 22 squats and 11 merkins in honor of special warfare personnel who can ride on submarines. This was followed by another trivia question that the PAX did get right in naming the only nuclear officer who became a US President. Well done for getting this one. Then we mosied some more with a Crazy Ivan audible and then finished up back at the start for 4 more 8 count body builders in honor of the number of torpedo tubes and then followed by what I called down bubble which really was another name for protractor.

All in all, the PAX learned while sweating.

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