That bug had a really big…

That bug had a really big…

The Thang:

Well how we figured out how to make 29 degrees feel like a good time is going to leave a little left to the imagination. Disclaimer I can not repeat what was said so you will have to ask pax in attendance as to the particulars.


We moseyed on for a little to give time to get the blood moving.

30 X SSH

30 X IW

30 X LOW AND Very Slow Squats

Mosey to the corner across from St Matthews. Plank for 6. Mosey to Elm make right and plank again while 6 joins and instructions given. Run to the Muderhorn and go down to rock pile. Select Rock for lifting purposes. As we collected our front runners did flutters until all in.

With our rocks of lifting we did a poor count of 21 based off of my lack of call on the counts. Or the lack of those who struggled to count to 7. 7 low 7 high and seven full bicep curls. 21 Thrusters and 21 Tricep presses were done. Leave rocks and mosey to the club house parking lot.

We counted off 2 teams and had them go to different ends of the lot and plank for about a minute. We met in the center and delivered and rated the efforts of the other team. As one Team together we did the equivalent Burpees to the ratings. See Moleskin for more detail.

Return to the rocks we left all alone we did another round of all 3 exercises and returned the rocks. The Pax were instructed to do 5 bigboy situps at each light on the way up the Muderhorn. We collected in the parking lot and Morning After was keeping things moving with American hammers and we all joined in for a nice 30 count.


YHC was impressed that so many showed up for the Q given the temperature and that I was on Q. In an effort to change things up, since it has been a while since I Qued last, I wanted to try including the mumble chatter into a workout especially since it was sub freezing.

The two teams had to plank and come up with a joke to deliver in the middle of the parking lot. We planked while the delivery was happening and then did burpees according to the total ratings for each joke.

Buckys team came in with a dad joke and of course my team brought the heat . After the PG rating came off the jokes got better. Thanks to all who indulged in a little off color workout. By the way War Eagle had good one and the punch line is the title of this back blast. Well mostly.

Call out for shoes and socks Church on the Street.

Call out for clothing and toys to go to Escobar.

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4 years ago

Fun one and a good workout!
I even told the DONALD DUCK! Joke to my family. But not the others 🙂

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