We Post No Matter What

We Post No Matter What

12 PAX posted in sub freezing temperatures and were greeted at 5:30am with a chilling disclaimer and then we were off. Mosey to a location in the parking lot in front of Harris Teeter for:


SSH x 15, LSS x 15, Merkins x 15


Mosey across Rea Rd to the grassy area near the new hotel and lube joint to the place where we don’t do anything (according to Frehley’s) and pick up a lifting rock.

Curls x 15, shoulder press x 15, tricep extensions x 15.

Put the rock down and do some mary.

Pick up the rock again for triple lindy x 15

Throw the rocks back in the pile and do some hand release merkins.

Mosey to the office building next to the car wash to the lit parking area underneath the building and partner up. Each partner runs out one side of the parking area, up the paved driveway and meet on the front side of the building for 10 hand slap merkins. Run back where you started for 10 more. Rinse and repeat 2 more times.

Mosey to the parking lot in front of the building for Little Beast. Pick three spots in the parking lot for 6 reps of the called exercise. (6-6-6). First round: squats, 2nd round diamond merkins, 3rd round burpees.

Mosey back to StoneCrest and gather by the big fountain. Find some wall for dips and LBCs. 15 dips, 15 LBCs in cadence, 2 rounds.

Mosey to the wall in front of Firebirds for 2 rounds of incline merkins.

Mosey to the parking lot in front of the movie theater for field of plank. Line up on a white parking line facing the launch site. Walk one or two lines and perform the called plank. Regular plank, elbow plank, 6-inches, left arm high, right arm high and then back to launch and we were done.


It was about 26 degrees when we started out this morning. What we did was not as important as the decision we all made to post.

In my early days of F3, I wondered why we would post in the pouring rain, cold, snow, freezing temperatures, hot muggy mornings, or even at 5:15 am when a warmer more comfortable option at home was available.

I was about a month into my F3 experience and it began to pour rain when I left my house on my way to post. So I made a left turn and ended up at the Y to do an indoor conditioning class wearing my F3 shirt. A few days later I made the mistake of relaying that story to Hops. He let me have it. In that kind, loving F3 way. I never returned to the Y and I post no matter what.

Almost 5 years later I came to understand and appreciate why we post no matter what. We post on the miserable mornings because as men that is what God has called us to do in our lives, post no matter what.

We have to post for our families, post for our friends, post for our jobs, and post for our community. Although those areas of our lives may look different for each of us, we still have to post no matter what.

Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of living all under one roof with our family. Sometimes our employers are a heartless corporate entity and sometimes we are just too weary to invest into others around us. But we still post no matter what.

What I have found in my life, is that I will go thru times that are dark, cold, rainy, hot, and plain miserable where it is more comfortable just to check out. But if I can make the decision to post and move forward, in the end, it will be OK and somehow I am better for making the decision to post no matter what.

It happened again today.

Thank you Cul-De-Sac for the take out.

Thank you men of F3 for posting, no mater what.

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