Every day, we each get an opportunity to step up and help someone whether it was the great group of guys who stepped up to load the Christ Closet Truck, Volunteering for setting up the Holiday Party or simply filling in when Popeye was stuck in New York.  For the unfortunate 13 people who decided Commitment was the place to be this Saturday, I had been wanting to try a 60 minute coupon workout to see how it would go.

The Thang

Run up to the entrance of the school to get a view of what you will be seeing all morning.  Run back down to the circle to start the workout.

  • 30 Side Straddle Hops
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 30 Plank Jacks
  • 15 Parker – Peters
  • 15 Patato Pickers
  • 15 Moroccan Night Clubs

Circle up around the Coupons with one man between a block and one man on the block.  Do a Merkin, rotate to one hand on the block, merkin, both hands on the block, merkin, one hand on the block, merkin.  Keep rotating until we completed 21 Merkins.

Grab a Partner and a Coupon

  • One partner lunges with the coupon toward the entrance of the school while the other runs to the entrane and back.  Switch off one they return.  Continue Lunge Walking until both of you are at the school entrance
  • Partner Squats on the way back to the circle.  One partner at the tree does squats with the coupon while the other planks, switch as you run to the next tree.  Repeat all the way back until the 6 hits the circle.
    • That was 130 squats for each of you if you made it around the circle

Now for some wonderful upper body exercises

  • 200 curls with your partner, trading off as one person runs to the end of the parking lot
  • 200 presses with your partner, trading off as one person runs to the end of the parking lot

Circle up for a calf Web

  • 1 Merkin to 4 calf raises to 10 Merkins and 40 calf raises
  • Finish with 3 sets of squat thrusters to make sure we got to the 60 minutes.


Everyone got a full body workout with coupons.  Everyone pushed it and will be feeling the calf raises for the next week.  Six ounce curls will be difficult for the remainder of the day.  I always love the opportunity to lead a great group of guys and find joy in the conversation and challenge.  Shout out to the CSUP group for taking on the 6 mile or 13 mile challenge.


  • Holiday Party- November 16th, 8 PM – Setup at 5:00 PM.  BYOB.  $25 or $15 with a $10 toy.
  • Twinkle Toes will have his VQ at Watchtower on Tuesday
  • Keep pushing to headlock your friends and bring them out for a workout.

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