Urologists & Audibles

Urologists & Audibles

What a beautiful morning to work out in the Valley. Nine other guys started to assemble in a 50 degree Middle School parking lot to get some work done. Since my POS Q watch I purchased several years ago cannot tell time, I depended on 7 of the other 9 fellas to keep the time.

Stone Cold asked me if we needed gloves, and upon learning we’d be off campus, he asked about a headlamp. No to both questions my friend, and by the way, it was great to see him at a non-Ultimate workout.

Gave a solid disclaimer, and we left SCMS campus, out to 51. Davey Park was mentioned by some of the PAX, but oh contrare monfrare (sp?), we weren’t going there. Stopped at the light there to do some IWs.

Proceed SE? down 51 toward Arbo and stop at the next street on the right for some squats. It was about here that Slapper said he could easily mosey back home. Glad you stayed kid.

Keep going down to Raintree, and our recently neglected little business park down on the left. You know, the one with the dry cleaner, trucking company, Asian spa, financial planner, and psychic. Eclectic group.

Did some MCs prior to partnering up. Partner 1 would be running up the stairs down the second level path, back down the other side (watch out for that baby first step, it’s a doozy), switch out with Partner 2 who was doing the called exercises (R1 Merkins, R2 CDDs, R3 squats).

Did a little stomache to catch breaths, LBC x50, then repeato that partner work we just did. After those three rounds, get back down for some Rosalitas.

Mosey over to the wooded area at the base of the soccer field, find a picnic bench. Wait, no picnic benches?? Mercy, ok Omaha #1, go up to the field for some field work. Wait, this field that never dries is still wet?? Ok, Omaha #2, go back down to the street for more partner work up that street where the heroin addicts hang out. Warnings were given of the cars and the used needles on the street (Spackler), so we decided for yet another Omaha #3. For those counting at home, this was three Omahas in the matter of like four minutes. Might be an F3 record.

As things started to unravel, the PAX were all still behind me, and my mind was already thinking Raintree route, but Spackler cemented it (of course). We moseyed down to where Rounding Run comes into Raintree Drive, and stopped for some Peter Parkers. Another Omaha #4 to avoid a car, so let’s mosey down to Rising Meadow for some Freddy Murchisons #shoutout. Recover, and by my main timekeeper’s (Tulip) watch it was a little after 6am, and I thought we still had time for a triple nickel on Rising Meadow. Tried it with CDDs at top and squats at bottom, but called Omaha #5 and cut it to three times up and back.

Mosey up Rounding Run, take a richard on Woodfox and stop at the street on the left. Spack got down for what he thought was more Mary, nah son, get that ass up, we ain’t got time for that. Stop at each street light on right and left all the way up Woodfox and throughout the bus lot and give 10 merkins. Still time for one gasser down and back.

Done, word is bond yo.


OMG, some knuckleheads decide to take picnic tables away from a very serene area, and all hell breaks loose. I’d say that after the third Omaha, most leaders would get as nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs, but not this guy. No sir. Everything under control, STFU, and let’s keep rollin. Realities are, I really had no intention of touching that dark, dank, heinous place some call Raintree. Those hills are stitched into my brain. Some kids are scared of the thing in the closet, Freddy Kruger, Gloss’ car seats, IronHorse’s running shorts, but not me, I’m frightened of Raintree.

During Rosalitas, Spackler said that the exercise really hurt his vas deferens. I don’t know the full procedure of what actually happens at the “snip snip” doctor, but I didn’t think he still had one. Which led to Spack and Stone Cold having a convo about their respective doctor’s soothing conversation (during the procedure) about what they did on Friday nights, and if they were into cuddling after sex. They quickly surmised that they had the same doctor. Dumb luck that!

Smokey threw his hat at me when we were on like rep 35 of 50 on the LBCs. Truth is, I just really rock back and forth on LBCs. Could be core engaging or not, not really sure. I don’t think he liked them very much though.

Tulip was out front most of the time, and Jet Fuel and Leo were that steadying tide that raised all boats. See what I did there JF? Tide? Pun intended.

My fellow Mountaineer, Ironsides, is going down to the game at the upside down cockroach Williams-Bryce this weekend. As is Spackler who was calling for a crushing in the outset of the workout, then said it’d be a close one at the end. Raintree must’ve gotten to him. Pull em through Ironsides. “Today I Give My All for Appalachian State”

All in all a good morning, notwithstanding the audibles and entry into raintree. Death Valley is where I broke my F3 cherry (in a PAX of around 37 guys), and still holds a special place in my heart. #tear


I may or may not have promoted the pre-Thanksgiving holiday party. Go out to Cairo and take a left.

Thanks to Stone Cold for a solid prayer.

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