The Wobble

The Wobble


Quick Mosey to the round about with Gazelles returning for the 6 in suicide fashion. Group up at round about and go again for the corner of the Target parking lot with Gazelles returning for the 6 again.

Circle up for:

10 Atomic T Merkins

20 Moroccan Night Clubs

10 Potato Pickers Jimmy Duggans


Parking lot Suicides. Start with 5 Merkins on the out and go up by 5 until you reach 20 Merkins. On the return 10 In/Outs. Beat the Q challenge. For everyone I beat, group does 10 Dry docks. We did 10.

Another round of parking lot suicides except no exercise this time. 10 more dry docks as punishment – we did 10.

Mosey back to start for a “circuit”. Partner up. 4 Stations: Curls w 27lb bar, Crawl bear up hill, Military Press with 25 or 30 lb dumbells, run straight away, Bent over tricep extension with light dumbells, bear crawl down hill, 5 each leg of 1 legged lunge, 1 legged step up, run straight away. Stay at station until next group arrives (progressive shift). Had planned on two rounds but ran out of time so we did 1 round.

Same partners. Partner 1 Run lap. Partner 2 exercise. 100 foot release squats. 100 50 each leg berishnicoffs. Hats off to Blue Screen and Posse for completing. Less than a minute left…..wall squats again until time.


Good push out of Big Tuna today. He was consistently up front.

Shop Dawg pushed hard on the suicides and beat me the second time.

No site Q’s in attendance. I will assume work had them outside the 28173 zip code.

I think Smokey left something. Swimmers in a full on sprint couldn’t catch him so I guess Swimmers gained something…I don’t know what.


Nov 9th CSUP’s Vagabond and Shop Dawg led West Side Wallop (Christ Closet).

Collecting toys for Christ Closet

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