Perfect morning for a Saturday workout, but with a little extra planning, “fiendly” competition, and fun in store. Halloween is always a big time in the home of YHC, so that spills over to one workout/Q this time of year. Split into 2 teams (Ah’s & Boo’s), and had scavenger hunt style bootcamp. Winning team earns this year’s trophy – a can of F3 Side Straddle Hops! (and a bunch of LarBars) Hopefully all had a good time, but also a strong beatdown.

THE THANG: Disclaimer given, as well as general instruction of teams, & format.

Mosey to Blakeney playground for warm-ups (GREAT bouncy surface!). SS Hops (like the trophy can), Low/Slow Squats, Merkins, Mtn Climbs, Peter Parker, 6 inches/plank, “Thrillers” (like the zombie dance), then “Transylvanian Nut Rippers”…YA!! Mosey into Blakeney area lot for Plank Jacks, and 6-inch Plank Jacks.

Now, split into teams for scavenger hunt course…

6 stations along the course, marked by hidden LarBars that have instructions taped to each. General course started near 131 Main, then up hill toward park/playground. Each team did all of the same exercises, but in different sequence -3 rounds at each station 1) parking lot (10 burpees/10 sister Mary Cath x3), to 2) bottom of hill (12 Wide Arm Merkins, 12 Jump Squats, x3), to 3) rock piles (10 Diamond Merk on rock, 10 Squats w/rock x3), to 4) jungle gym (8 pullups, 15 step ups x3), to 5) playground area (20 Heals, 15 Monkey Humps x3), then all the way back (Indian Run) to 6) double stairwells/bars (10 chin ups, lap around stairs x3). Winning team should all plank to wait for finishers.

Mosey all together to fountain for 5 Eddie The Eagles, 20 Dips (x2)

Mosey to base for Mary (protractor), Big Tuna Yoga Stretch, and Al Gore. DONE! COT.

MOLESKIN: There were 2 surprise pre-run’s. 1) Thin Mint ran from his house to the workout (7 miles), showed up looking like a spelunker, but was ready to rock some bootcamp fun – hopefully some solid muscle burn today! The other pre-runner was OchoCinco, who ran faster than anyone in all of SOB this morning from his house to my car – he overslept his alarm, and sprinted out his driveway with no socks/shoes, no contact lenses, keys…etc But we made it. Thanks to Ocho & Gilbert for helping set up the LarBar stations, and being the moles for each team to keep everyone on course. Teddy has been out with back issues, so great to see him grit through, and to hang as well. Mighty Mite has been knocked out sick, but also gritted through, definitely exercising some demons through phlegm & sweat. Swine flu continues to amp up his training & fitness, and will knock out his first Half Marathon in 2 weeks! Chopper will join Swine Flu, will crush the 13.2 as well – Chopper has gotten noticeably faster! #BetterWithAge. Escobar hates to run but crushes the strength stuff (and is a stronger runner than he wants us to believe…dude was recruited as college soccer player!!). Teleporter is back as well, always talking about age (Respect), but seemed fresh! (and congrats on the new work gig – that’s huge, and surely a relief)

What’s the point of planning out a workout like that? How about to feel a little like a kid every once in awhile. Frankly, it was fun to plan & execute. We all have so much responsibility, expectations, worries, stresses…should do, should do, should do. YHC for one had a terrible week of sleep – overall am so blessed, but some stretches of family/work/health/etc/etc are a lot. So much we HAVE to do, and not enough WOULD BE FUN TO DO. So important to have healthy outlets. F3 is definitely that. And while F3 is “fitness”, “fellowship”, and “faith”, today YHC hoped to make it F4…”fun”. (it was for me)


Holiday Party 11/22…sign up NOW! 40+ already have – some with M’s, some solo. Will be great. (Mighty Mite)

Toy/Clothes Collection for kids in South America (Escobar).

Coat Collection…one more week- (Thin Mint, and any Site Q)

NEXT WEEK- 2 Saturday workout options. 1) Regular DaVinci 6:30 (Q Mermaid) Convergence with Stonehenge. 2) 6:00 Pre-Q-School Workout (45 minutes, followed by “town hall” style Q-School & Site-Q-School)

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