No Rain

No Rain

As most of you know there are 2 things I don’t like about working out in the morning and those are being cold and wet.  I’ve made a commitment not to be a puss this year and brave the colder temps.  I was thinking how can I get out of this if it’s raining in the morning.  Could I have someone Q for me?  No, I would man up a brave the rain unlike Easy Button.   Pleasant surprise when I woke up to no rain!!!! 


Mosey to back of school to pick up a lifting rock then mosey to the front of the school for warm up. 

Warm-up – Short Mosey to the other side of the school. 

SSH x 20 IC

MTC x 20 IC

Plank Jack x 20

The Thang

4 Corners around the .21-mile loop of the parking lot.  Starts out pretty easy and gets harder each round.  For those that didn’t make it to IPC you got a little taste of it today. 

4 rounds

Curls 10/15/20/25

Press 10/15/20/25

Bent over row 10/15/20/25

Thrusters 10/15/20/25

At the 3 corners stop and do 10 Jump squats at 2 corners and 10 Big Boi sit-ups at 1 corner

For those that finished early they circled back to pick up the six and some did some Mary.  One Star and Dana killed it. On last trip around the loop there was an interesting conversation happening.  Won’t say who it was but there was raw nipple talk and how they burn in the shower.  Struggle is real for those that have had it. 

Dan Taylor (Webb) OMG this has to be one of the most painful webbs. Could hardly count by the end and wanted to tapout. When I walked up the stairs to wake up the kids when I got home, I had to stop halfway up for a break. 

Squat x 1 up to 10

Lunge x 4 up to 40

Parking lot run.  From one side to the other.  Had to modify the numbers and sets due to time check.  Introduced a new merkin and had to demonstrate the J-Lo.

Carolina Merkin x 20

Big Boi x 10

Wide Arm Merkin 10/15/20

J-Lo x 10

Mosey around to put the rock back and run one last loop around the parking lot to finish up.  For not leaving the campus we still got in over 2 miles, however I did keep my promise to Big Ten about not leaving the campus and not focusing on running.  Didn’t get to do all the things I had written down.


Great work Pax! I’ve only workout out a Bushwood a few times so I really had to do some good planning. Did a drive by yesterday, printed off a map, and wrote out a winkie (lost it twice). Even after doing this for 5 years planning is important. Preparation = Success

I was disappointed that there were only 2 of us with sleeveless shirts on.  Thank you Knish for wearing the appropriate shirt. One Star even had a long sleeve shirt on.  This may be our last 65-degree morning, and no one took advantage.  Bushwood is going to shits.  There may be a need for a new superintendent or the gophers are taking over.    

To see all the great things that have been happening since our official Waxhaw launch has been great to see.  There has been the launch of Diesel, Gladiator (Saturday), and a new one coming soon to Weddington Middle School (we will not step foot on the HS property).  Tons of guys have stepped up to lead new sites, Christ Closet, SFN, and support one another.  Proud to be a part of this GREAT thing we call F3. 


Gladiator launch is the weekend at commitment. Once a month high intensity workout meant to push you like IPC.  Formally known as Black Diamond.

Q School and Site Q School scheduled for the 1st Saturday in November.  Chick-Fil-A in Blakeney.  If interested RSVP via the Sign Up Genius. Sunday, 11/3 – F3 Waxhaw is committed to work Church on the Streets.  6:15 – 8:00 am.  See Bottle Cap for sign up.

Sunday, 11/3 – F3 Waxhaw is committed to work Church on the Streets.  6:15 – 8:00 am.  See Bottle Cap for sign up.

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