New Year’s Resolution Convergence

New Year’s Resolution Convergence

47 men (including 3 FNG’s and 2 2.0’s) resolved to improve themselves in 2015 and posted at the Area 51 convergence at Ascent this gloomy, wet Saturday and left a little better for it (and a lot muddier & wetter).  With workouts converging from The Rock, Olympus, Stonehenge, and Area 51, along with host site Ascent, the pax got a little taste of everything on the buffet.  Here’s what they sampled:

The Thang:


Welcome and Disclosure to all FNG’s and pax

  • Lap around parking lot, with high knees, butt kickers, and back peddling thrown in for good measure
  • Side Straddle Hop – 15 in cadence (IC)
  • Imperial Walker – 15 IC
  • Merkins – 15 IC
  • Low Slow Squats – 15 IC

Number off by threes.  Remember your number for your starting station.

Begin at your starting station and rotate to the next at predetermined times.

Station 1 – The Rock, on the far football field – Q’ed by Hopper and Gummy

The Beast – 6 reps of 6 exercises (varied by group; full menu below) at 6 cones on the field – sprint back to start after each

  • LBC’s; Hand-release Merkins; Squats; Plank Jacks; Rosalita; Lunges; Jump Squats
  • Starting line active recovery – Dolly; Peter Parker; Parker Peter; LBC; Flutter

Station 2 – Olympus, in the parking lot and on the track – Q’ed by Gullah

  • Two-hand Swings – 15 reps
  • Two-hand Press – 10 reps
  • Goblet Squat (or modify with Teabag Squat) – 10 reps
  • Two-hand Curls to Tricep Extensions behind the head – 10 reps each
  • Lap around track

Rinse & Repeat

  • Upright Rows – 10 reps
  • Lunges – 10 reps per side
  • High Pull – 10 reps per side
  • Two-hand Curls to Tricep Extensions behind the head – 10 reps each
  • Lap around track

Rinse & Repeat

Station 3 – Ascent, on the playground – Q’ed by Strange Brew

Partner up – size doesn’t matter

  • Partner-assisted Pullups – AMRAP + 2 (as many reps as possible + 2 more with partner assist)
    • Flapjack.
    • Rinse & Repeat.
  • Partner Decline Merkins – 10 reps (Partner 1 does merkins with feet resting on the back of planking Partner 2)
    • Flapjack.
    • Rinse & Repeat.
  • P1 – Carolina Dry Docks – 10 reps
  • P2 – Mountain Climbers – 20 reps
    • Flapjack.
    • Rinse & Repeat.
  • P1 – Squats – 10 reps
  • P2 – Dips – 15 reps
    • Flapjack.
    • Rinse & Repeat.
  • Elbow planks – 3 rounds of 30 seconds each
  • People’s Chair – first round with air presses to 50; second round with arms extended in front


  • Sid-the-Kid – 11 IC (6 clockwise, 5 counter-clockwise for asymmetry)
  • Slow Freddie Mercury – 8 IC
  • Flutter – 10 IC
  • LBC – 15 IC
  • Burpees – 10 OYO (on your own)
  • Mason Twist – 10 IC



Joe Davis – Jan 10

Unbroken movie night – Jan 10

Hill & Dale – new F3 race management company – trial run (pun intended) on Jan 31

Wet Moleskin:

A big F3 Area 51 welcome to our three FNG’s and T-claps for posting on a wet gloomy morning.  The genesis of today’s convergence was the knowledge that many men make New Year’s Resolutions to get in shape for the new year and F3 is tailor made to help them, beyond just the fitness (1st F).  Posting in the winter, in the rain or wet, isn’t easy for everyone, but you’re that much further along and glad for it when you do.  Besides, how often do grown men get to play in the mud?!

So, the guys from The Rock drew what turned out to be the shortest straw with their station located on the football field.  When our original plans were made, who knew it’d have a inch of standing water on it.  I suppose we could have audibled to another location, like the neighborhood hill or the bus lot, but what’s the fun in that?  We’d have missed out on splashing around in the mud and dodging the dog poop on football field.  Additional notes from the football field:

  • Much discussion regarding “shrinkage” by the pax during the HR Merkins
  • Several pax enjoyed pushing other pax into mud puddles (literally, not figuratively)
  • Much consideration was given to ensure not just our back, but also our bellies and chests were suitably moistened, hence the HR Merkins, etc.
  • Mic Check is the fastest mudder.  He beat all on the AYG sprints on the field, as well as the final sprint by the playground.
  • Some comments were made that the workout was supposed to be “moderate” today – The Rock Q’s only half promised that.

Olympus kept us dry, there in the parking lot but did throw us a curve with the laps on the track.  Keeping us, and our muscles, guessing as to what’s next.  (Shameless plug:  Meathead offers KB’s on Thursdays with 0.0 running, Olympus offers KB’s on Saturdays with a little more movement, while Skunkworks offers KB’s on Tuesdays with more running (for recovery, they tell me))

Ascent benefited from the quick draining mulch on the playground and provided us with the exercise we don’t get enough of at most AO’s – pullups.  Thanks, SB!  Knowing this, we try to work these in each week at Ascent (and often at Meathead too).

Finally, a big thanks to all my co-Q’s today – Gummy, Hopper, Gullah, & Strange Brew.  We couldn’t have hosted this without your help.

And, thanks to the entire pax for the opportunity to lead today.  It’s always an honor.

(Sound off in the comments below on any good mumblechatter that I’ve missed.)


High Tide

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7 years ago

Solid workout gents. Some Kotters out there to Salt Lick, Scratch & Win, Yankee, Blitzen and others. The FB field was awful. Happy New Year Area51!

7 years ago

Absolutely loved this convergence, Thanks to all who made it happen. Great Q. I was thoroughly smoked halfway thrrough, then the mud happened. Nothing like a little cold slop to keep you moving.

Sidenote: Gullah confessed he added the lap to the Olympus workout specifically for me. You’re welcome, I guess.

Speaking of running, hope to see you at the Joe Davis 5K. As many of you know, running goes completely against my particular…idiom. But as Strange Brew explained (paraphrasing), if you can defy physics in one area (e.g., posting at F3), you can defy it anywhere.


7 years ago

High Tide….it was a great morning and thanks for letting The Rock be a part of it. I can truly say I ate dirt today. I can also say Flutie Flakes doing LBCs in the mud makes the most peculiar sound I have ever heard…..tough to even mimic….it may take time to rid my head of that.

The last group on the football fields may have fared worst. By that point, Gummy and YHC switched to the sloppiest side of the field and we had mastered how to get the pax the muddiest. Those dudes drew the short straw, not the Q’s.

Great work all! Let’s do it again soon!……maybe??

Strange Brew
7 years ago

High Tide, TClaps to you for pulling this together and in true F3 spirit get muddy like the rest of the pax (minus Gullah and YHC). Some serious effort out there from my point of view, tclaps to Taffy (Gummy 2.0) who partnered with me and on the partner derkins was able to hold this 200+ lb dude on his back (he can’t weigh more than 100) for all rounds minus maybe a couple of reps, strong work little brother. Also still great to see Salt Lick out there but on AMRAP pull ups didn’t give me much time (pull up monster), Scratch and Win was pushing hard out there among many other pax, thanks again to Geraldo for the arm raises on the wall sit, always strong brother.

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