#OldManWinter #Converges

  • When:12/31/14
  • QIC: Frasier, Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Ironhorse (Respect), Huggy bear, Donkey Kong, Morning Star, Boutique, Margot, Pop tart, Strawberry, Heartbreaker, Soul Glow, Marge, O'Tennanbaum, Brushback (Birthday), Hairball, Mall cop (Birthday), Joker, Bulldog, Hops, Snowflake (Respect), Big League Chew (Respect), Dasher, Pebbles, Icky shuffle, Loogie, Market Timer, HIgh tide, Strange brew, Frehly's Comet (Respect), Sensei, Slimfast, Arena, Puppy Love (Respect), Turkey Leg, Ice9, Fireman Ed, Mighty Mite, Prohibition, Floor slapper, Dumpster fire, Outback, Frasier, Bratwurst

#OldManWinter #Converges

42 PAX didn’t heed the warning at 0600 this morning of sub-freezing temps and scalding #smokeboots to stay in the #fartsack and decided instead to post at #F3Maul for a convergence of Anvil, Death Valley, and Dromedary.  An unprecedented and overwhelming ratio of #Respect to #HateHate this morning as 5 PAX of the 42 were in the 50+ category.  One lonely #HateHate decided to post.  Either #OldManWinter doesn’t care about warnings, or #HateHate is scared off by them.  You decide.

The Thang:

  • Split into Group 1 and Group 2 to flapjack at 0630.
  • Group 1 follows Bratwurst for something like this:
    • Mosey to COP In-Cadence with Side Straddle Hopx20, Imperial Walker x20, Hand Release Merkins x20 (single count), Mountain Climbers x20
    • Mosey to Fountains on Rea Rd.
    • JackWebb-like ladder in-cadence with Derkins 1 and Butt Slappers 2.  Increase to 5:10 and back down to 1:2.
    • JackWebb-like ladder in-cadence with Carolina Dry Docks 1 and Knee ups (on wall) 4.  Increase to 5:20 and back down to 1:4.
    • Find a partner.
    • P1 Run around the buildings.  P2 Jump-ups on wall.  Flapjack. Repeato. Plank for the six.
    • P1 Run.  P2 Hand-release burpees with jump-up on wall instead of hop.   Flapjack. Repeato. Plank for the six.
    • P1 Run. P2 Merkins until failure then squat hold.   Flapjack. Repeato. Plank for the six.
    • Head back to find Group 2.
  • Group 2 follows Frasier for:
    • Mosey to the #Murderhorn.
    • First round – 10 merkins at each light post, 25 LBCs at the bottom, superman plank at the top.
    • Second round – 10 diamond merkins, 50 Russian twist at the bottom, 6 inches at the top
    • Third round – 10 wide arm merkins, 25 flutters, plank at the top
    • Mosey across the street to the hill beside the theater. Lineup across the hill.
    • Sixes with squats at the top and merkins at the bottom right of the hill backwards.
  • Group 1 and 2 switch QICs and repeat above for the most part – some modifications from the QICs.

The Moleskin:

  • Like a stale Christmas tree losing it’s needles, O’Tennanbaum was kicked the curb early this morning and showed up ready to go at 0530.  After some brief sitting around (what, no early Kettlebells or hair burners), he joined the rest of us to prove this evergreen will stay fresh into the new year.
  • Pretty sure that YHC saw Frasier’s 1st group doing some awful shuttle runs with squat jumps at the switchover point.  Sorry guys, but he didn’t think that was much of a workout, so he didn’t include it in his backblast.  Not sure how much more he deemed inadequate to post here.
  • Donkey Kong, bitter there were not more Bearcrawls, Burpees, and 8 count something-or-other man makers, busted out some on his own at the fountains. No one followed the lead or fell in the fountain, so we had a little success there.
  • Some PAX took the P1 run around the buildings as a break, but Ice9 and Joker certainly put an end to that for one of the groups.  No rest for the weary as they elbowed for position and avoided as many light poles and delivery men as possible.  At the Murderhorn, Bulldog, perhaps in the wrong group at the fountain, joined them to make it a three way battle.  Ties all around.  1 Point to each.
  • Word has it that Site FNG Dasher didn’t think too much of the #Murderhorn as he and Turkey Leg showed the way.
  • Slimfast won’t want the recognition for doing the workout alongside Sensei, but they both pushed and asked for as much as the QICs could dish out.  Helping a fellow PAX is something each of us should be looking to do in each workout.  Bring an uplifting word (or grunt) in the midst of suffering and you realize that you still have more to give.
  • Thanks for Hops for bringing the good word at COT and closing out 2014.  Continue to use today and tomorrow to reflect on what you’ve learned about yourself and others in 2014, and use that as momentum (not a stopping point) into 2015.


  • Convergence at The Rock (Calvary Church) at 0700 tomorrow.
  • Some workouts converging on Saturday at Ascent (Old Providence Elementary) for a FNG-friendly workout.
  • Your Union County brothers to the South continue to have Wednesday (Marvin Ridge / #Dromedary), Friday & Saturday (Sun Valley Middle / #Overdrive), and Saturday (Weddington HS / #Commitment).  Come out yourself or send co-workers and friends who live down there.  Workouts are strengthening and picking up momentum.  Maul participants today who regularly Q down there include Ice9, Snowflake, and Bratwurst.

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7 years ago

T-claps to Bratwurst & Frasier for a solid hour-long beatdown. But one giant missed opportunity to make Brushback and Mall Cop do burpees on their birthday. Let’s all resolve to not allow that kind of thing to happen in 2015.

A couple of random observations from this morning:
* Loogie is like Droopy Dog in that he was seemingly around every corner during Brat’s portion by the fountain/bldgs. Were you just running laps around the buildings for an hour?
* Did Mighty Mite graduate from the Hate-Hate’s? DK’s been 28 for almost 3 years.
* Now that I’ve seen Strawberry & Pop Tart together — I’m even more convinced they are brothers, unbeknownst to them. Even the names go together.
* Boutique’s beard needs a nickname of its own. That thing is legit.
* It is a travesty that Wabbit was renamed Arena. I’m still calling him Wabbit.
* Joker’s lid matches the wooly vest quite nicely. Nice ensemble brother.
* Dumpster Fire – it’s funny every time he says it during COT. Solid red handkerchief head band, too.

Happy New Year brothers.

Reply to  Hops
7 years ago

Poptart is my brother…from another mother…and father. Even better – we knew each other before F3.

7 years ago

Happy birthday to Brushback 39 and Mall Cop 40. I am sure you will get your burpees in at some point today.

Everyone have a safe and fun night. Looking forward to 2015 and continuing to find ways to grow F3 and helping others.

7 years ago

Must name someone Droopy Dog soon!

Dumpster Fire
Dumpster Fire
7 years ago

– was most certainly a dumpster on fire this am. #Murderhorn should be booked on assault charges.

@Mallcop & Brushback -HBD!

Mighty Mite
Mighty Mite
7 years ago

I think I’m still 28. But every time I make a trip to the Murderhorn I feel a year or two older.

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