Slippery Bells at Skunkworks

  • When:12/30/2014
  • QIC: Bulldog
  • The PAX: Pudding Pop, Young Love, Horsehead, Busch, Bananas, Arena, Pop Tart, High Tide (War Daddy), Simba, Drop Thrill, Ickey Shuffle, Gummy, Good Hands, Bulldog, Crabcake

Slippery Bells at Skunkworks

15 hearty souls thrived in the morning drizzle and slung some metal at Skunkworks on a morning that made the Q feel right at home.

Run a lap around fire lane
SSH x 20
IW x 20

Round 1 – 30 secs 2 handed swings, 30 secs burpees, 30 secs snatches. Repeat and then run lap.
Round 2 – 30 secs alternating swings, 30 jump squats, 30 secs lawnmowers. Repeat and run lap.
Round 3 – 30 secs high swings, 30 secs jump lunges, 30 secs clean and presses. Repeat and run lap.
Round 4 – 30 secs upright row catch and press, 30 secs Spartan burpees, 30 secs high pulls. Repeat and run a lap.
Round 5 – 30 secs thrusters, 30 secs burpees, 30 secs good mornings. Repeat and run a lap.

Jack Webbs with KB. Diamond merkins and KB curls up to 5 and back down.



After Brown called in injured with a “tennis elbow” I was left with coming up with something to burn a few calories prior to the New Year festivities. Poor Brown was getting abused after bailing on his Q on a mass email. Watch out for a rename when the lad returns to the fold as “Serena” and “Martina’ could be contenders and who knows where it can deviate from there…
A few technical issues on the Pill front and timer front today with the steady drizzle but it wasn’t long before the hip-hop hoorays were pumping the pax through the rounds. The drizzle took its toll more so on Busch apparent “60 pounder” which flew through the air during the alternating swings narrowly missing the high tech gadgets in the center of the circle. When the kettlebell finally came to rest the number 60 had fallen off revealing a cork like substance for all to see. We may need an official scale at the next Skunkworks to verify the true weight and substance of the bell in question…
Other than that good work today from everyone present.


Sign up for Unbroken movie otherwise Simba’s credit card will be charged.
Convergences tomorrow and New Years Day. Check weekly email and Twitter.
Kevlar and Joust regular 5:30 am times this Friday.

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Drop Thrill
7 years ago

I guess it’s progress that I survive this beatdown.

Thanks Busch for hanging back with me and pushing me to sprint. #ISI

I was seriously winded by the end and not feeling so good. Didn’t spill merlot though, but felt like it would happen.

7 years ago

-Hip Hop Hooray made powering through the malfunctions worth it.
-Bananas was doing work on his KB Yoga Mat this morn.

Good Hands
Good Hands
7 years ago


7 years ago

Good job pax and BD. Thx for being the ONLY one to step up! I coulda done better…til next time…

7 years ago


Drop Thrill
Reply to  Brown
7 years ago

What was that you said Venus?

7 years ago

Great workout Bulldog – way to keep us moving and doing a sneaky amount of burpees.

Good to see Drop Thrill pushing it and rethinking that supper from last night.

Best thing about the NannerBurpees is that, after all of the situating, positioning, aligning, and contemplating, you end up doing like two total burpees for the entire workout.

7 years ago

Burpees are not a kettlebell exercise…Unless you put your dry hands on top of two humongous kettlebells while you do a few.

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