Rum – The Breakfast of Champions

  • When:12/15/2014
  • QIC: Hannibal
  • The PAX: Runstopper (BD), Hamlet, Rashard, Baracus, Kit Kat, Flutie Flakes, Film Festival, Steinbrenner, Hops, BOG, Kimpossible, Catfish, Kirk, Jamboree, 'Bout Time, Benefactor, Snowflake (WD), Agony, One Eye, Simba, Red Rider (LIFO), Love Bug (LIFO), Hannibal (QIC)

Rum – The Breakfast of Champions

23 of Charlotte’s finest gathered for an early morning breakfast at Carmel Park and start the week right.

The Thang

Very brief disclaimer as it was a veteran crew this morning, though in hindsight, a warning about broken glass bottles would have been appropriate.

Fast mosey down Camilla towards Carmel Middle School, stopping for 8 burpees at each speed bump along the way.

Warm up :

SSH x25

IW x20

Slow squats x20

Mountain Climbers x20

Peter Parkers x20

Mosey to football field.  Look out for aforementioned broken glass bottle (later diligently assessed as rum) and be careful when getting over fence.

4 Laps around track, stopping at each turn for called exercises:

Lap 1:  Merkins x25 (all turns)

Lap 2:  LBCs (turns 1 & 3), Dollies (turn 2), Flutters (turn 4) – all x25

Lap 3:  Squats (turns 1 & 3), Jump Squats (turns 2 & 4) – all x25

Lap 4:  Burpees x10 (all turns)

Form Plank Circle for Ring of Fire.  Mixed in RAH, LAH, RLO, LLO, Elbows, and finished with 6-inches

Mosey to endline

AYG to far goal post

Backwards run to midfield, AYG to endline

Leave track and mosey to far side of school.  People’s Chair for 2 minutes, finishing with Air Presses (x20 or x25, can’t remember)

Fast mosey back up Camilla

Speed bump 1:  Russian Twist x25 in cadence (selected ed by Jamboree)

Speed bump 2:  45 merkins OYO (selected by and in honor of Runstopper’s 45 birthday)

AYG home

50 LBCs in cadence to finish


Great workout by the PAX this morning.  The group stayed close together, and hopefully no one left anything on the table (you against you).  Unfortunately, YHC didn’t know it was Runstopper’s birthday until 0610, or there would have been a lot more 45 rep exercises! #veteranmove. Happy birthday, RS! #old

The group was pretty quiet at the beginning, though I’ve come to realize that my hat blocks out a lot of noise (#shouldwearathome), but that changed with the burpee call on Lap 4 around the track.  Mission accomplished.  Glad YHC could wake up Steinbrenner and get him in his usual form.  Also caught plenty from Simba, as was noticed by other members of the PAX.  Love the chatter.

A bunch of Larry Birds out there this morning, particularly around the track.  Nice work, and keep pushing men.  Finishing with 100 LBCs (if we’re going in civilian count) was strong, if not very unpopular.  Way to push through.  Thanks to Flutie for taking us out.  Always an honor to have the reigns – thank you for the opportunity!

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8 years ago

I’m the one who busted going over the fence. Despite not sticking the landing (where’s BOG when you need him?), managed to avoid the shattered rum bottle. I was hurtin’ from the get-go Hannibal. Solid Q. I hate burpees.

Reply to  Hops
8 years ago

A triple putz followed by a double Salch-OW. Classic rookie mistake.

8 years ago

When Hannibal smashed that bottle of rum on the track it really got things off to a good start!

Strong Q Hannibal, the Jump Squat, Run, Burpees, Run Combo was awful. I appreciate that you appreciated the chatter #wheelhouse.

8 years ago

Solid track workout today, Hannibal. Benefactor and the birthday boy (sans tights on his b-day?) were consistently up front.

This wasn’t a random broken bottle of Bacardi, but some old school decanter with a brass handled cork with “Rum” in cursive (i.e. someone had a yard sale or an older couple is missing a decanter). Glad to have solved the mystery.

Run Stopper
8 years ago

Aye, solid lead today H! Glad I spent my birthday morning with you clowns..

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