Triple Nickel Loops

  • When:12/9/14
  • QIC: Spackler
  • The PAX: Slim Fast, Bout Time, Cupid, Geraldo, Good Hands, Frasier, Hannibal, Prohibition, Purple Haze, Chelms aka Tater Tot (WD), Horse Head, Hairball (WB), Hopper, Mr Brady, Turkey Leg

Triple Nickel Loops

16 of us met at the usual Fast Twitch stomping grounds for this weeks episode “Even if you Q it, you can still finish last”.

Plan was quite simple.  Constant movement.  We meandered somewhere in Raintree and performed what I will now call the “Triple Nickel Loop”

Partner up

Partner 1 does the Triple Nickel (merkins and squats) on Rising Meadow Rd while Partner 2 runs the loop down Rounding Run and back

Flap Jack X 2

Indian Run back to AO.

2 mins of elbow plank

25 LBC in cadence

1 min of elbow plank

The skinny

Am I in good enough running shape to lead a Fast Twitch right now?  Nope.  So YHC had that going for him.  But I would never admit that before the fact.  There was going to be nothing methodical/Swift about this day.  Just pure madness and utter confusion with the hope the pax got a good workout.

We did a lot of hill work last week.  Knew there would be some marathoners attending so I thought I’d keep the hill work to a minimum.  Triple Nickel wouldn’t be that much hill work. I thought.  Well it took longer to make that Rounding Run trip than was planned.  Ole Chelms knocked out 9 times up the hill on the first round.  Oh yeah, #Kotters to you.  You looked really hurt.  Ha.  But no, I saw the look in Purple Haze’ eyes and he really missed you.  #teary   Heard Bout Time say that he finally knows what it is like to play soccer – running the whole time.  That was the goal brother – minus the ball.   Great to see the unselfish wily vets in Slim Fast and Mr Brady circle back for the #six which included Geraldo and myself.  Only to arrive and say, “We got it from here Spack.  Go ahead and catch up and lead”.  No really guys.  I was quite fine with the #six gentlemen as G man and I were sharing that handle today!

Wasn’t a whole lot of other backblast material that I caught.  Sound off if you got it.  I’m sure Hairball has something.  Normally does.  Oh yeah, glad to see that you didn’t have to take off being on call and all.  Whew.  No #Ebola in Charlotte yet.

Always a pleasure.  I hate running.  Fast Twitch is the worst/best hour of the week.



Purple Haze has now been named co site Q to Fast Twitch.  Well done.

Then my phone cut off.


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8 years ago

Here’s something: Hairball wore a cat sweater to the Christmas party and his breath smelled of Fancy Feast.

Chelms aka Tatertot
Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Tiger-Rag
8 years ago

Sorry Hopper – I blamed you for that smell .

Great Q Spackler – making sure the PAX gets a good workout while the Q takes it easy in the six is not easy. You pulled it off flawlessly!

Reply to  Tiger-Rag
8 years ago

I thought he had just come from a Grease casting

Reply to  Tiger-Rag
7 years ago


‘Twas like a cold soup out there meandering through the hills of The ‘tree. A few of the nimble-footed pax were in for a spook when Pro and YHC put our thang down flipped it and reversed it and ran the loop backwards. #rebels

Merkin form was so strong at the top of the trip nicks that would have blushed.

The plank work was sweet on the asphalt. The only place more hardcore would have been the lot of #F3DayZero.

fast saying “good morning” to some of the RFYL tomatoes was awesome and creepy at the
same time.

Looked like BRR training is well underway in South CLT.

8 years ago

Thanks for the apology….but, I never denied it either!!

Great Q Spackler!

Slim Fast
7 years ago

Great Q, Spackler. Simple and effective! As the PAX grew in number, someone asked Spackler if he was feeling pressure for the large group… of course Spackler had ICE in his veins… never a doubt!

Oh yeah, and the distinct “Heeeeyyyyy… How ‘you doin’???!!!” call to the lasses running through Raintree… I’m confident they were impressed with our tribute to the Native Americans!! I did notice a distinct uptick in the pace at that moment!

7 years ago

Spackler, as little effort as you put into this (and I mean that in a ___ way); it actually turned into a nice bit of training. A couple of 1 mile tempo runs and a good amount of hill repeats with constant movement.

It keep it in the stable, perhaps with some sort of a competition added in to keep people moving quickly next time. You could either race the mile loop or have the hill man try to do X intervals before his partner returns.

Funny how not a soul had on a GPS watch at the end. That’s how Fast Twitch rolls – no time
for watches.

Chelms aka Tatertot
Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Horsehead
7 years ago

You can tell the Swift guys (or whomever) that we ran 9.5 miles. That’s what my watch said (maybe I didn’t reset from last run before injury but you can leave that part out).

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