Big Bells or Boosterthon Fun Run?

  • When:10/21/14
  • QIC: Bulldog
  • The PAX: Pudding Pop, High Tide, Susudio, Harley, Tackling Dummy, Brown, Bananas, Hacker, Drop Thrill, Freedom, Header, Sanka, Hairband, Fletch, Baracus, Bulldog, Alf

Big Bells or Boosterthon Fun Run?

17 pax opted for the sleeveless shirts of Skunk Works rather than the tight runners shorts of the Swift/Fast Twitch mosey convergence. This was an olde school Skunk Works beatdown using rusty metal contraptions rather than shiny relay batons.


No pansy warmups.
45 secs two handed swings
45 secs alternating swings
45 secs clean and press right
45 secs clean and press left
45 secs good mornings

Catch me if you can with 3 burpee chaser to east entrance of church. Two laps of the church for catch me if you can – Aye? Aye? Viva? No takers. Over to the outside gym.

1) Pull ups
2) KB thrusters
3) Crash mat burpees
4) Clean and press
5) Goblet squats
6) Alternating swings
7) Tractor tire flips
8) Snatches
9) Two KB firemans carry
10) Decline merkins
11) Clean and press
12) One handed swings
13) Deadlifts with 135 lbs
14) Big ball ab rollers
15) Upright rows
16) Box jumps two footed
17) Tea bags

Jack Webb style KB press with 4 swings up to 5 and 20. back down
Jack Webb style upright rows with 4 diamond merkins up to 20 – back down with wide arm merkins
Louganis x 10
KB ab crunches x 15
KB flutter press in cadence x 10
KB dolly press in cadence x 10


Before the introduction of the KB’s Skunk Works was all about the gizmos such as tires, weight plates, sleds etc so today was a throwback to the good old days. Meathead is 0.0 but Skunk Works is not and when the pax were told that catch me if you can was to encompass two laps of the church and the faces were priceless! Of course Brown chimed in with his distaste for running and you know its a bad idea when even Tackling Dummy and Header look at you with evil eyes! A short mosey over to the outside gym area was where the true pain and a set of big balls lay in wait. Pandora tunes (need to upgrade according to Harley) wafted through the crisp morning early and the grunting and sweating began. Drop Thrill took an early spill off the box jump and Susudio looked like Mr. Olympus pumping out the barbell. Pudding Pop was busted stretching out in the shadows instead of doing his pull ups but all in all the pax dug in for 45 secs at a time. According to Alf one can do nearly anything for 45 secs! Hats off to Freedom for his first post at Skunk Works and he was getting some good encouragement from fellow musician Hairband.
Hope you enjoyed it and sorry for forgetting about the ball o man at the end.


Bring shoes on Friday to put in Susudios truck.
Alf on Q for Kevlar this Friday. Skywalker on Q at Joust. New Union Co workout at Sun Valley Friday too.

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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Hair Band moved the block when I wasn’t looking. Ouch.
He’s getting faster out there, he claims he doesn’t like to run. Me thinks not.

Great Q Bulldog.

Hair Band
9 years ago

Love the old school Skunkworks beatdown, we should bring that back more often. And until reading this I forgot there were no SSH or IWs, we may need to do some on our own just to bring balance back to the universe.

Drop Thrill has accused me of throwing him off the box even though I was across the circle from him. I cannot confirm or deny that I am secretly the Flash and ran over to move the box just as he stepped up though… 0.0 #bestcoverever

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Every time I see a 0.0 sticker I want to yank them from their car and make them run. #ificanrunsocanyou #Epstein’s mother

9 years ago

I knew this was the place to go when I heard that Good Hands and Geraldo came home and asked for their wives to pledge $1.00 for every lap that they completed at Fast Twitch. I think the Boosterthon was probably for a good cause this morning, but all of you #runners missed a great Q by the Dawg! I kept waiting for a station that didn’t crush us and never found it. Jack Webb Swing/Press with KB to 20 is a destroyer… Great Q

High Tide
9 years ago

Great Q, Bulldog! Liked the variety. Good beatdown, and glad to get it instead of the two lap farmer carry! That was the best head-fake I’ve seen! Well done.

Speaking of 0.0, picked one up Sunday…at the running shoe store. #Meathead

9 years ago

Well thought out and executed total body beat down this morning – pretty sure I would have launched my bell into the center of the COP if the swing pyramid would have gone to 6…hanging on by a thread.

9 years ago

Great freaking workout BD!!! Runners need not apply! #nopipecleansersonlypipes except Fletch and Header, nice work men! 135 lb barbell lifts, box jumps, tractor tire flips, blast from the past! Like ‘ol girl from high school who wants to hang out just one more time!

9 years ago

I leave for a few weeks to convalesce a busted elbow and you devolve into a godless, shed-burgling mob. Have you no decency?

9 years ago

Just another example of the wisdom and foresight in using fake names.

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Bananas
9 years ago

*goes to remove his name off his Twitter account.*

Reply to  Bananas
9 years ago

“Monkeys in the Shadows” was just the beginning of the debauchery, I suppose.

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Keep me in your prayers brothers. Still hurting pretty bad from Tuesday. Trying not to be a wimp about it, but it’s not fun right now.

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