The Never Ending Ladder of Pain

  • When:10/14/13
  • QIC: Alf
  • The PAX: Sanka, Header, Nature Boy (WB), Brushback, High Tide, Tackling Dummy, Night Court, Stone Cold, Cotton Mouth, Bugle Boy, Hairband, Wabbit, Puddin Pop, Sussido (respect, WD), Bulldog, Brown, Splinter, & Alf (Q)

The Never Ending Ladder of Pain

18 PAX gathered for another Tuesday rendition of the Skunk.  Based on the weekly email some were expecting Harley to Q.  Stone Cold had a bit of a stunned look when YHC called out the 1 minute warning and Harley was not there.  I’m not sure if the look was a compliment or not, either way time to start the show.  See Harley for your money back if you didn’t get enough work today.

Partner up for CMIYC Farmer’s carry to Church building entrance.  P1 10 Merkins and chase.  Flap Jack.


SSH x 25 IC

IW x 20 IC

Disclaimer x 1

Merkins x 20 IC

2-Handed Swings x 15 IC (at least the intent was cadence)

Good Mornings x 15 IC

The Thang:

Iron Sharpen’s Iron:  Individually find a member of the PAX who is generally little faster and a little stronger than you.  For the rest of the workout do everything you can to maintain pace with them.  Use them to push yourself one step better.

2 rounds of:

8 x Snatches (4 each arm)

8 x Overhead press

8 x Sumo Deadlift High Pull

8 x 2-Handed Swings

Run lap around church building

Repeat the above adding 4 reps to each exercise.  Stay with 2 rounds each time.

Continue up the ladder 12x, 16x, 20x, 24x

At the 20x set switch the Snatch to Clean.   All else remains the same.

CMIYC Farmer’s Carry back to cars with 3 Burpee’s then chase.

LBC’s x 30



Mumble chatter started early with Brown and Bulldog side by side slowing things down with too many questions.  Once we got to the meat of the workout the only thing I heard from Brown was that he made a bad choice on the KB this morning.  For Stone Cold, Brown and anyone else swinging a 45/50lb+ bell this was terrible.  Good work out there.

Sussido, Sanka, and Header were smoking it this morning.  Sanka might want to get independent confirmation of KB weight as there were calls that he was swinging styrofoam.  Maybe it was the calf sleeves giving him that extra compression and energy for the KB work?

I think everyone made it a least through the round of 16 and the leaders were working their way through the round of 24 when time was thankfully called.  Hairband said he wasn’t sure which part of the workout was the recovery – the lifts or the runs.  The answer: There wasn’t any recovery.  I think everyone got as much as they could handle.

#Kotter’s to Hairband at Skunkworks.  You’ve been busy promoting U-Co but there is still no Skunk comparison down there.  Also good to see Night Court back out and in the mix and with a KB #LeaveTheDumbBellAtHome.

Thanks to Header for the send off.



Send in names for potential Union Count PAX.  2nd workout at Sun Valley on Friday’s and 2 more coming in the next month-ish to Marvin and Weddington.

3rd F Wednesday’s:  In the morning at Starbucks on Rea and Bojangles South Park at lunch.





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Hair Band
9 years ago

One heck of a way for me to get back at it! Solid beatdown Alf.
I almost skipped a lap, then felt guilty for even thinking it and off I went to knock it out.

No Kettlebell AO in UC yet but Countertop and I have talked about it.

Great Q, aye!

High Tide
9 years ago

Nice work, Alf. Brutal.

I debated in the parking lot on which bell to use, based on your Twitter tease, and needless to say, I chose poorly. I had no business bringing a 45# to that! I had to skip the 2nd round of 16 just to keep from falling too far behind, but then caught a 2nd wind (?) and powered thru 20 and the lap before you called time. T-claps to you all who were working on 24x!

Also, t-claps for the fastest backblast posting, at just over an hour after the workout, on a weekday no less!

Pre-preblast for Meathead this Thursday: bring 2 bells, one lighter and one heavy. You’ll need the light for one exercise (not the TGU). If you don’t have a light one, I’m sure there will be some to share.

Reply to  High Tide
9 years ago

I too chose poorly. I had no business swinging a 45 for that long. Regardless, great Q Alf.

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Hair Band running? This I should’ve seen! lol Had to switch up days this week, so looks like I’ll be hit by the Anvil tomorrow.

See ya in the gloom next week my fellow skunks.

Stone Cold
9 years ago

No refund needed here, Alf. Very well done, painful. Each Q has his own style, YHC was mentally prepared for the Harley beatdown….just needed a few minutes to adjust for the Melmac-lead kick in the teeth.

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