Preblast – 1 Mile Time Trial and other Fun

  • When:10/21/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst and Turkey Leg

Preblast – 1 Mile Time Trial and other Fun

Update: Click Here to go to a Form and SIGN-UP (this will help tomorrow morning’s logistics)

On Tuesday, October 21st, at 0515, PAX from the South Area will converge at Community House Middle School (9500 Community House Rd.,Charlotte, NC 28277) to run an all-out timed mile.  It doesn’t just stop there, you’ll get a full bootcamp or Running workout afterwards – choose your own pill.

Why run a timed Mile?  Well, hopefully it answers one of these questions for you.

  • I’m not a runner, but where’s my Fitness Level?
  • I want to dial in my run training, but what paces should I be training at?
  • When is the last time I ran a Mile for Time – my high school fitness test?

The Agenda for the day:

  • 0515 – Kickoff the Warm-up with Bratwurst.  No one can run “fast” by being cold, so we’ll do a proper warm-up with some Fellowship Pace and dynamic running drills.
  • 0530 – Timed Mile – We’ll have a Start / Finish Clock, timing verification, intra-Area51, and you-vs-you competitions.  This Preblast will be updated with a sign-up list to make sure your name and team are recorded.
  • 0545 – Red Pill – Continue with Bratwurst through a 2 mile progression run and cool-down off-campus.
  • 0545 – Blue Pill – Continue with QIC (to be named later) for a Bootcamp workout.
  • 0610 – COT with recognition of accomplishments – Personal records, biggest improvements, best prediction, and any other categories we can think of.  Prizes TBD.


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9 years ago

In. Great Idea Brat & TL

9 years ago

In. Somewhere between 4 and 6, but definitely in front of Haggis.

9 years ago

Is there a pill for just running the mile and then leaving?

Chelms aka Tatertot
9 years ago

In (do I get the AARP discount on my time?)

9 years ago

I’ll be there. Not sure how fast I am anymore. Should be interesting….

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Checkpoint
9 years ago

And the sandbagging has commenced.

9 years ago

Already ran mine. Just go ahead and throw me down for a smooth 5:12.

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Spackler
9 years ago

Doesn’t count when you use a bike.

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