The BRR’s a comin’

  • When:08/14/14
  • QIC: Honey Bee
  • The PAX: Q fail. Forgot the phone prior to COT. Memory not good enough. If you were there, you know who you are. If you were not there, there were 22 of Area 51's finest pounding the hills in preparation for BRR.

The BRR’s a comin’

Based on the 22 PAX at Devil’s Turn this AM, BRR must be on the horizon.  Whatever the reason, it was great to see the men of Area 51 assembled in such a big group at a running workout.

It is hill week at DT so we headed for Piper Glen for the 4 mile or 6 mile option.  It was pointed out that these loops end up being ~3.5 mi and 5.5 mi but this discrepancy is easily overcome with an extension down Bevington Place or on the greenway if desired.

Because of the high numbers, good running groups formed and it seemed that there was a good 2nd F component during the run.  While Bratwurst chastens for excessive jibba jabba (means you are not pushing hard enough), YHC finds that talking helps to take the mind off the pain of hill running.  Hopefully, the PAX found that to be the case too.

Due to groups forming, YHC only has a recollection of the events of running with Haggis and Splinter (and a little with Hops).  The discussion was good and YHC found that discussing things that piss off Haggis makes him run really fast.  So note to self, speak calming words if you are ever being run into the ground by the hoss that is Haggis.  Also, Splinter was pushing (should say pulling) the pace all morning.  It was a struggle to keep up.  It is hard to believe that BRR will be his first organized running race.  If there was money involved, someone could accuse him of hustling due to his skill at running quickly for extended distances.  #hustle&flow

Bratwurst was doing something this morning.  Not sure if it was with DT or not.  He was spotted going this way and that multiple times during the morning.  One thing is for sure, he was running faster than anyone else out there so he can do what he wants.  #masteroftheflyby

As said, YHC did not get around to all the groups so please add any interesting events in the comments.  With the characters in attendance this morning, I am sure there are some good stories.


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9 years ago

If you really want to know what Brat was doing, join the F3 Run group on Strava.

Cheese Curd
9 years ago

That sucked. I know I run harder with other people than I do myself…whew! That said, team Up’n Over has some even paced runners. Between Stage Coach, Baracus and myself, I think we all had the lead a little today. I got a little behind early, but thankfully the girls were chatting and I was able to sneak back up with them! Bratwurst does have a good point!

I hope Baracus made it home safely as he had a code Brown was call and had to slow up on the home stretch.

Stump Hugger
9 years ago

When I am out running those hills I rarely see anyone (well there was that time Haggis passed me yelling Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you’ll live…) this morning I met a few wrong way PAX. I saw A1A from Columbia leave some skin out on Rea…sidewalk not very even out in the gloom. Glad to have you out at DT!! Fried Okra – strong finish on those PG hills!

9 years ago

Enjoyed it. Great route. Double down Thursday fellas, the night train calling your names!!!!

9 years ago

Splinter runs like that because he either:

A) needs to use the bathroom
B) just used the bathroom somewhere inappropriately

Stage Coach
9 years ago

For those complaining the route is 3.5 or 5.5, what shortcut have you found and why are you keeping it a secret? My watch said 5.94 miles. Or maybe I got extra milage due to my staggering left and right up the hills!

And CC, way to push it on the last mile, I mean sandbag on the first 5 miles! Very glad Baracus didn’t have a blowout from the lamb burger!

Cheese Curd
Reply to  Stage Coach
9 years ago

Coach, I believe I put a demo on earlier this week at FT with you and bug and again today with Baracus. If I learned anything by watching the Olympics, you have to time your move then crush the sprits of the rest of the contenders.

The problem with my theory, is I believe this move is supposed to be executed to get you to the front of the Pax and not just to get you ahead in the middle (or end) of the Pax.

Ahh the games we play in our heads. Trust me, I wish I could pull more from the well earlier….this running thing stinks!

9 years ago

Those hills. Yowzers. I may need to run that route a few more times before we head up the mountain in a few weeks! Glad Marvel was able to keep me company in the far back of the pack. I just kept seeing those blinking red lights get further and further away all morning.

9 years ago

Felt like this time was easier than the last time I did this particular run. That being said, because I never time my runs & don’t have a GPS watch, MapMyRun, Garmin, etc, etc, ad nauseum – I’ve no idea if I’ve improved or not….but I think so.
My concern as TR will concur is not getting lost during the BRR as I have a strong propensity to make wrong turns. Perhaps I do need some on the road GPS assistance. More importantly, I need to be sure I have my RoadID, head lamp and lighted vest so Team FreeRange or someone else can find my remains and notify M Hops if I run off the side of a mountain.

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