Triple Triple Nickels

  • QIC: Gummy
  • The PAX: Harley, Deep Dish, Iron Horse, Champagne, Lex Luthor, Hopper, Hops, Blitzen, Sunrise, Escargot, Brushback, Queen, A-Bomb, Ninja Turtle, Runstopper, Gummy (QIC)

Triple Triple Nickels

Busy day, let’s knock this out. 16 men posted at Hydra, warned the night before that we were going for 3+ miles.

Run around school, circle up on the front lawn
SSH x 20
IW x 20

The Thang
Run towards HT, right on Summerlin, assemble at the bottom of the hill.
Triple Nickles #1 – 5 trips up and down the hill, 5 merkins at the top, 5 jump squats at the bottom

Keep going down Summerlin, Right on Abbotswood. Stop at a side road for LBCs.
Continue on Abbotswood, Right on Windyrush. Assemble at the bottom of the hill.
Flutter, Dolly x 20.

Triple Nickels #2 – 5 trips up and down the hill, 5 CDDs at the top, 5 burpees at the bottom.
Partner up for full situps, feet held by planking partner, Flapjack.
Ignore the caution tape and proceed through the woods to the football field at the back of OP.
Rosalita, Protractor

Triple Nickels #3 – 5 trips down and back on the field, 5 merkins in far end zone, 5 Sister Mary Catherines in the near end zone.
Mosey to the front field.
Hopper led Russian twist. Hops brought out the Cumberland County Viaducts – albeit in an unbalanced application.
AYG sprint to the fence. Done.

Mission Accomplished. We went 3.25 miles. Strong running by everybody this morning. Nobody got far behind. Hops and Hopper killed it this morning. They didn’t slow down even in the third set of triple nickels.
T-claps to Hops, Champagne and Iron Horse for running in to the workout.

F3 Dads on Saturday. 9:00 am at Beatty Park.
Mud run signups still up. We have a lot of free agents that we can match up and form teams, so go ahead and register and we’ll match up you later.
Young Life Mud Run – details at
BRR teams need drivers. Contact Alf or Splinter if you’re interested. It’ll be fun. And smelly. 


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9 years ago

Great workout. Sorry for the unbalanced CCVs. Not sure why I deviated from my beloved 13 counts. Runstopper, Ninja Turtle & Blitzen were flying on the AYG sprint at the end. #toomuchleftintank

Reply to  Hops
9 years ago

Awesome Q Gum! With three Q’s this week you may need to change your disclaimer to say you ARE indeed a professional. We barely touched the OPES campus as we were on the streets so much….I like it! Did anyone else notice that unlike the rest of us, Runstopper actually got stronger and faster during the triple nickel that involved burpees. Our kryptonite is his fuel!! The mean ain’t from this planet!

Reply to  Hopper
9 years ago

Sorry….”man”, not “mean”.

Run Stopper
Reply to  Hopper
9 years ago

Dude, you and Hops were killing it all morning long.

I just keep thinking that if I finish the Burpees then I have time to recover, but as we all know the recovery time in a Gummy beat-down just doesnt happen that often!

T-Claps to my 2.0, Ninja Turtls he turns 16 this weekend and clearly based on his sprint at the end of our workout, he is going to continue to smoke us old guys for the next 20+ years. MERCY

Run Stopper
9 years ago

Gummy- excellent lead this morning. I will admit if I had read the pre-blast of 3+miles, I most likly would have stayed in bed and tried to show the M my own version of the triple nikel.. Just sayin’

9 years ago

Appreciate the tough workout Gummy. That was a stamina tester for sure. Hops’ staying power is impressive…heed the warning…i’m coming for you.

Reply to  Brushback
9 years ago

And Runstopper was ridiculous on those hills

Reply to  Brushback
9 years ago

come on young man!

9 years ago

Brushback, let me know of you want some hydra Q action. Glad to slot you in. Looks like a great Q gummy. Nice work and way to bring it. Off campus hydra, lots of movement.

Next up, Kirk!

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