The Hydra (Starfish) Monster was at it again

  • When:07/24/2014
  • QIC: Champagne
  • The PAX: Gummy, Gecko, Starfish , Hopper, Harley, Bug Eater, Brush Back, Iron Horse (WD), Brown, Sun Rise, Fokker, Huggy Bear, JV, Blitzen, Tackle Dummy, Kirk, Puddin Pop

The Hydra (Starfish) Monster was at it again

18 Hearty Area 51 souls braved the 100% nice S. Charlotte humidity for another crack at the multi headed monster Hydra.

Disclaimer was given and off we went:

The Thang:
COP all in cadence
25 x SSH
20 x IW
20 x Slow Squats
15 Mtn Climbers
Mini – pusharama:
5 x slow merkins
5 x staggered right hand
5 x staggered left hand

Time for the main event:

Number off by 4.
Center of the Starfish was the concession area and 10 jump ups.
Station 1 – near the far woods – 25 x wide arm merkins
Station 2 – far left playground – 15 pull ups
Station 3 – behind the far batting cages – 25 x jump squats
Station 4 – end zone of football field – 15 x double merkin burpees
Goal was to make 3 rounds before time was called.
For those keeping score that was:
75 wide arm merkins
45 pull-ups
75 jumps squats
35 double merkins burpees (audibled to 10 after second round)
120 jump ups
2.0+ miles

Solid work by everyone out there today. This one was hard and it looked like everyone was pushing it, and I think most made all three complete loops. Hydra pulls a solid crowd each week and its an honor to lead this group of men – thank you for the opportunity.
I didn’t catch much else to comment about – was too deep in the pain cave making excavations. Shout out in the comments of anything of interest.
Until next time – Champagne out.

Haywood Stock – see post on F3Nation site
F3 Dads – Header needs a Q this Saturday – Beatty
Mud Run registration still open – please sign up – we need to show up
Young Life Mud Run – Kid Friendly – check it out:
Remember Pele and all other brothers in the PAX that are suffering in your prayers.

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9 years ago

quick note on announcements: Joker is on Q at F3 Dads this Saturday

Good to see Starfish of the W-S pax posting in Area51. Welcome.

9 years ago

I am still tired. Nice Q as usual Champagne. We have had a steady supply of Q’s bringing it each week. Thanks to those who bring the Q leadership and the pax who keep coming for more good pain in this hydra gloom.

Next up Gummy!

I did run the firecracker 5k before this mornings starfish pain fest. Beach, here I come. #torched

9 years ago

Great lead Champagne! Way to come back strong from vacation! Kirk was in my group and I suffered O2 deprivation trying to catch him for 35 minutes. We work at the same office so I scheming during the workout on how I could tackle him at the copier later in the day to punish him, but he turned out to be too quick for that, too. It’s tough getting old. I look forward to what Gummy has sketched out for next week….something tells me plenty of running.

9 years ago

Solid Q Champagne! The humidity soup made the starfish a total bear. Great spending time in the gloom with the pax.

9 years ago

I had no idea that I narrowly avoided a workplace accident / incident. Moral of this story: always watch your six.

That was generally unsavory, Champagne. Group 4 jumped right into the suck with double burpees. Unfortunately, the only way to get better at pull ups is to do more pull ups. After WIB and this, I was at 145 in 49 hours = Smoked.

That second ten count on the elbow plank caught me off guard. I wasn’t ready for it.

Haywoodstock II is tonight. It’s a bit of a haul from A51 on a Friday night, but if you don’t have plans, I highly encourage you to come. Kids running wild, M’s talking / meeting each other / commiserating over being awoken at 5 AM, and some great PAX fellowship over free BBQ and beer. Fellowship doesn’t quite reach that post-Mud Run-busride level, but it’s close. Really close.

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