Anniversary Q and Pain was had by all

  • When:06/12/2014
  • QIC: Champagne
  • The PAX: Kirk, Puddin Pop, Hopper, Cotton Mouth, Fast Times (Kotters), Garbage Plate, Turn Pike, Hannible, Bushwood, Hops, Hacker, Water Seal, Drexel, Morning After, Brisket, Country Livin, Escargot, Mermaid, DK, Champagne

Anniversary Q and Pain was had by all

20 of Area 51’s finest decided to brave the crazy humidity to join YHC for a 1 year anniversary Q. Several also took up the offer to run into the work – YHC, Kirk, Hannible, Puddin Pop, and Mermaid for a half trip.

Workout Explained
Disclaimer Given
Divided into teams of 3.

5:30 – G0!

Run as a team to round about in Teeter parking lot and back to AO – approximately 1.2 miles
Hit middle playground an complete 50 pull-ups as a team.

Then starts 3 man grinders.
Pax 1 – Front Playground: (5) double merkin burpees, (10) divebomb merkins, (15) jump squats
rinse and repeat and repeat until partner shows up to switch.

Pax 2 – Concession stand area: (5) double merkin burpees, (10) decline merkins, (15) sister mary katherines (per leg) rinse and repeat and repeat until partner shows up to switch.

Pax 3 – starts with Pax 1, runs to play ground and does 5 pull ups, then on to the concession stand area to switch with Pax 2. Then Pax 2 runs back thru the play ground, does 5 pull ups then on to switch with Pax 1.
Continue to rinse and repeat, doing 5 pulls up every time thru the playground until 6:10

Enough time for Mary
50 – LBCs in cadence
60 second elbow plank
25 – dollies in cadence

Mole Skin:
It’s an honor and a privilege to lead the pax. Thank you for the opportunity and thank you for joining YHC on the 1 year anniversary Q. YHC tried to provide a good picture of how much F3Nation has impacted YHC’s life over this past year, but as is the case after most workouts, YHC could barely work the voice recorder for COT. Also mumble chatter was at a minimum because everyone was getting after it and working hard from the beginning to the end. Also for those keeping score at home, we did approx 2.5 miles today.

IF you would have told YHC a year ago that this crazy morning workout group would have such a big impact on him, and his family he would have said no. Now, 1 year later and YHC can say that the men of F3 Nation have had a huge impact on who he is, as a dad, husband, friend, employee, etc. There are men across F3 Nation that YHC calls some of his closest friends – a lot actually, men who are willing to walk beside you thru life, not matter how hard or messy things may be. Iron Sharpens Iron is much more than just a saying on the back of a shirt, it is a way of life, one YHC has experienced first hand thanks to F3. YHC is excited to see where this speeding train will take us in the future.
Thanks Brother – AYE!!

Area 51 CASUP Olympics – Saturday 6/14 6:00 to 8:00 am South Charlotte Middle School

Area 51 Pool Party – Saturday 6/14 – don’t remember the times – someone shout them out in the comments below

Area 51 F3Dads – Saturday 6/21 – Francis Beatty Park at 9am

Metro F3 Dads – Saturday 6/14 – Freedom Park

Mud Run Post is out for Oct – read and sign-up. Was huge in April – lets make it bigger this time. Area 51 Mudrun Q is Gummy

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9 years ago

Pool party 6-9 . RSVP and be there. Evite link in weekly email.

Great Q champagne! Happy 1 year.

Kirk back up next week.

9 years ago

Great Q. Solid workout. Solid backblast. Thanks for pouring into the pax like you do.

9 years ago

para que conste, buceo Merkins bombas son terribles

9 years ago

Solid Q Champagne. Enjoyed checking out Hydra for the first time and helping you celebrate your one year with F3.

9 years ago

Not showing off, I’m happy to attribute that fine handiwork to I’d originally thrown in a “no es bueno”, and while I knew “bombas”, I couldn’t remember the rest. I thought it might have something fun for “merkin”, but alas, no…just capitalized. Who knew? Oh, and “you’re”

We need to get you out to Run ‘n Gun on a Wednesday sometime. I apparently have to race someone to post a decent time on the 5k. I lost 2 minutes last week going solo.

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