Be Flexible

  • When: June 2 2014
  • QIC: Whiplash
  • The PAX: Tiger Rag, Strange Brew, Voodoo, Hair Ball, Stage Coach, High Tide, Salt Lick, Stone Cold, Whiplash (QIC), Cheese Curd, Boutique, Baracas, Jamboree, Stump Hugger, Horse Head, Purple Haze, Turkey Leg, Swiss Miss, Rock Thrill, Radar

Be Flexible

 20 men got loose at the inaugural Flex workout. 

The Thang 


  1. Hip Cross Overs
  2. Scorpion
  3. Calf Stretch
  4. Hand Walks
  5. Lateral Lunge
  6. Forward Lunge w/ fore arm instep
  7. Back ward lunge with Twist
  8. Drop Lunge


  1. Monster Walks
  2. 45’s
  3. Clams
  4. Leg Extensions 90s, 45s, 180s 


20 souls showed up with confused faces for Area 51s first mobility work out. Many of us over the last year or so have discussed the need to take better care of our bodies. Nagging injuries seem to be more frequent as we age. So with all the confidence in the world and absolutely no knowledge on how to Q this type of work out I decided to start it and see what happens. Feedback has been good and I think we can benefit from this. Especially as many of us begin our training for BRR and other running events. 

A preblast went out last week with things to consider bring. IE mats, foam roller, bands etc. Well, Rock Thrill showed up today with all of them and a skull cap. There were no yoga pants but TR did de pants himself in the beginning. Whiplash did a great job leading. It was very informative and I think it opened some of our eyes as to what areas we need to be taking care of. 

I appreciate Whiplash stepping up to lead these first few workouts. It will help us get some basics down as we work to improve. If he had not stepped up we would have been watching a p90x stretch video and have had to think up a nickname for Tony Horton. This still could happen. I did notice electrical outlets under the pavilion. 

Next Monday we are going to do a good bit of foam rolling work. If you don’t have one go get one. They really do help. 

Thanks to the guys who supported the launch 

T Claps to me and TR for running 12 miles before the work out. 


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High Tide
10 years ago

T-claps for getting this workout started! And a big t-claps to Whiplash for leading us through today’s exercises.

Good “pre-blast” for the foam roller next week. Please continue to preblast the weekly implements so that we know what to bring and don’t have to buy them all at once.

And, what was the name of the book that Whiplash recommended at the end? Core-something?

Stump Hugger
10 years ago

The book should be called “Tiger Flex”

Drop Thrill
10 years ago

You might want to tap Byron to Q this sometime as he’s a Z Health expert and does a bunch of cool mobility stuff that have really helped me totally end my back pain, and loosen up during recovery hours and days after workouts.

Purple Haze
10 years ago

Zero chance you ran 12 miles…a decimal to the left would be more like it.

10 years ago

Test. If you get an email on this, please let me know by emailing ap at f3nation dot com

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