Does a “bear crawl” in the woods?

  • When:05/28/2014
  • QIC: Intel
  • The PAX: Hairball, Scabbie, Waterseal, Baracus, Swanson, Tiger Rag, Young Love, Abacus, Rehab, Hacksaw, Prohibition, Spandex, Radar, Udder, Brushback, Hannibal, Lobster Roll, Hops, Purple Haze, Deep Dish, Boutique, Intel (QIC)

Does a “bear crawl” in the woods?

The Thang: Meandering ~1/2 mile mosey throughout parking lot frontwards, backwards, karaoke left, karaoke left – I mean right, concluding at front parking lot near 51 with SSH X 25 while entire pax assembled and…..

Called exercises with 75 yard bear crawl/lunge walk to and fro as follows:  Burpees x 20 OYO; Russian twist x 20 IC; Merkins x 20 IC; Knee-ups x 20 IC; Carolina Dry Dock x 20 IC; Flutter x 20 IC

Mosey to soccer field bottom of hill for 11’s: Squats & Burpees; mini plank fest @ end

Mosey to the pavilion and……Peoples chair w/leg raises; Inverted double & single handed planks – and repeat;  LBC’s x 50 OYO was mixed in there somewhere

Return to starting place and…..Burpees x 15 OYO; Dolly X31 IC


Several members of the pax made note of the arrival of humidity – aka “heavy air”. While true, we ain’t seen nothing yet in that department. I do not have an accounting of the kettle bell pre-workout participants, but I do want to give a shot out to those fine men – looked like there were 8-10 doubling down this morning. Nice work!

Lobster Roll, thanks for helping me catch my wind after the 11’s with various planks.  Go Sox!

Hops took us out with meaningful prayer. Thank you Hops – great way to start the day.

It is always an honor to lead guys. Great work by all.


Young Love: Please consider purchasing a Road ID. Our Site Q and others noted the safety and emergency medical benefits of having critical contact and medical information on your person during workouts. More information is available on the F3 nation website. Link here for convenience – Road ID is the last item listed:


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9 years ago

Strong Q Intel. I was hurtin’ from the outset…just as it should be. Thanks for pushing the pax. Can always count on Intel to call mosey but really means a quick run between stations. Noted some particularly strong work by PH and Lobster Roll on the bear crawls and 11’s. Pert near had an F3-ending injury on the one-armed BTW. No more of that #knowyourlimitations

Purple Haze
Purple Haze
9 years ago

Sheer brutality Intel. I don’t remember enjoying one single second of this before the name-o-rama.

Young Love
9 years ago

Nice job, Intel. There is no way I would have done any of this today if you hadn’t been yelling at me the whole time. Well, you probably weren’t yelling. It just felt that way because I didn’t want to move.

You forgot to mention that you went into overdrive on the SSHs. Even those weren’t the standard-fare-excuse-me-while-I-wake-up-and-tie-my-shoes with which I like to start off my day.

9 years ago

I keep hearing “15 burpees OYO” in my head today. Why?

9 years ago

So much for a COP and a warm-up before the Q cranks things up. Intel had us on the move from the start with the 200 yard backwards run, karaoke, and then the bear crawl/lunge walk combo. Then to add insult to injury he throws in a little 11’s on the hill with burpees and squats. Fooled us last time with all the chest/upper body work, but this morning he resorted back to form. Nice lead this morning and we’ll have to see what you have in store for the PAX the next time you have the lead.

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