Skunkworks: From Caterpillars to Butterflies…with NO RUNNING!!!

  • When:05/27/14
  • QIC: Brown
  • The PAX: Header, High Tide, Swiss Miss, Simba, Cole Slaw, Chanel, Crab Cake, Fletch, Stone Cold, Night Court, Tiger Rag, Bulldog, Hair Band, Cotton Mouth, Hacker, Gullah, Flutie Flakes, Donkey Kong, Harley, Good Hands, Geraldo, Bananas, Country Livin', Busch, Brown (QIC)

Skunkworks: From Caterpillars to Butterflies…with NO RUNNING!!!


Posted on behalf of Brown

25 men shook off the Memorial Day cobwebs and got right back in to it with another twist on some good ‘ol fashioned iron peddling!

The Thang:
Mosey to the lower lot for warm up.
25 SSH
25 IW’s

Group up in 3’s or 4’s with like sized bells for “caterpillar” merkins with farmer carry hills. Caterpillar merkins are merkins with your feet on your partners back shoulders, with their feet on another’s shoulders. You must work together completing merkins as one.

1 pax member does farmer carry up hill, 10 shrugs at top, back down.
2 and 3 pax members complete caterpillar merkins to 50. Rotate out until 50 reps completed.

1 pax member does farmer carry up hill, 10 shrugs at top, back down.
2 and 3 pax members complete goblet squats and burpees. Rotate out until 50 reps completed.

1 pax member does farmer carry up hill, 10 shrugs at top, back down.
2 and 3 pax members complete merkins and upright rows. Rotate out until 50 reps completed.

Mosey back to upper parking lot and circle up.

Round 1: 20 reps each, 3 times through, OYO
Tea bag squats
overhead press
Luganis w/bell

Round 2: 10 reps each, 2 times through, OYO
Good Mornings
High Pulls
Clean and Jerk (Thanks Busch!)

Round 3: 10 reps OYO
On your back
Skullcrusher to Press to Overhead Extension completes 1 rep
20 LBC’s w/bell
10 Flutter w/bell

Moleskin: Great job this morning by the pax! The caterpillar merkins were greeted with the usual moans and groans about having to try something new. You know you liked it! Thanks to those who wore compression shorts! I’ve already tweaked it a little…’til next time! From what I could see and hear, great job working together during the hills, except for one group who strategically placed themselves behind a car! More giggling than lifting. They made up for it during the second half…maybe? Everyone seemed to be crushing it during the circuits based on the small amount of chatter. The only voice I heard amongst the grunting was Busch, who was killing it as usual, probably from not getting much push from one of his partners, YHC, a little earlier. I was having to deal with my own workout after 3 days of enjoying the weekend, I’m sure I missed some great details, so sound off your comments below. I always enjoy the opportunity to lead and appreciate the pax for giving me your time and effort. Hopefully you got to a considerable level of exhaustion from lifting instead of running. If you bring a bell, you might as well use it and not run from it.

Announcements: GOLF!!!!

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High Tide
10 years ago

Good overall beatdown, Brown, and just the right amount of running!
As a member of the strategic team, I will say we did considerable lifting, just not much capterillaring. I’m sure the cause of our modification was due to a lack of compression shorts, but we made up for it in volume with lots of regular & man-maker merkins.
(mental note – park in the lower lot more often…)

10 years ago

Actually, there were a ton of groups on the other side of the car. We were the only group on the right side of the car. #notdoingthat #ace&gary

Hair Band
10 years ago

A lot of “pick things up and put them down” and no running, I approve!

10 years ago

Nice Q Brown! Nothing like putting a guys stinking sneakers in your grill at 0530 so there was in fact a mini mutiny the other side of the parked car. Liked the coordinated outfits you had going on today with Swiss Miss, Flutie Flakes, and High Tide. You guys would have performed the prettiest caterpillar merkins!

Good Hands
10 years ago

Good Q today, Brown! It was quite comical getting to the top of the hill with the KB’s, then turning around and watching a bunch of dudes doing caterpillar merkins! That is, until I had to go down the hill and do them myself.

10 years ago

BD, maybe if y’all would wash regularly, it wouldn’t have been that bad! I noticed the new SW uniform, and left it alone knowing it would be too easy had we all stood too close together! Thanks for bringing it up! They say that all caterpillars grow into beautiful butterflies, unfortunately y’all are gonna need to do a LOT of merkins to make that transformation hold true!

High Tide
Reply to  Brown
10 years ago

All the Crimson and black brought back memories of Alabama standing there in the gloom…

10 years ago

HT, I won’t get in to it too much in the off season, but I had on red and black!!

10 years ago

I was not surprised by the minimal running but was surprised by minimal chatter. It appears I was just on the quiet side of the hill.
Thanks for the workout Brown. I had to drive to Ellerbe today and the cramping made the trip seem even longer.

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