Fear the Beards: Day Zero Turns 1

  • When:05/24/14
  • QIC: Purple Haze, Radar
  • The PAX: The Pax

Fear the Beards: Day Zero Turns 1


On Memorial Day weekend 2013, Day Zero launched its first workout with an inspiring speech from Radar about America and pushing ourselves past our limits. That day set the tone for what Day Zero has become…one badass Saturday workout. And now one year later, we are set to do it again. Radar and Purple Haze on Q to reflect on what we’ve done and to lay the groundwork for the year ahead.


The flag will go where we go. Where we go, we will go quickly. What we do when we get there will be hard. So come prepared to give your best, your all. And if you can grow a beard between now and Saturday, you should.


#F3TheRock, who launched us, and #F3Olympus, who we helped inspire, will converge with us. 0700 on the McAlpine Proving Grounds. See you there on Saturday after the 2nd installment of Byron’s KB clinic.

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10 years ago

HC. Look forward to the celebratory beatdown at Day Zero. I heard Radar’s treating everyone at coffeteria afterwards. Look forward to that, too.

10 years ago

I can almost hear Lee Greenwood singing in the background…inspiring.

Due to popular demand by all the Pax travelling this weekend, the 2nd installment of Byron’s KB clinic has been pushed back a week to May 31.

10 years ago

Beard Growing has commenced.

I almost shaved this morning, but decided working from home was a better option. Good thing it’s a light week at work. My one meeting tomorrow will have to put up with a few days growth.

See you boys Saturday if not before.


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