In the Zone

  • When:05/19/14
  • QIC: Snowflake
  • The PAX: Cheese Curd, Voodoo, Hannibal, Kit Kat, Water Seal, Flutie, Blades, Red Rider, Beefeater, Skywalker, Chef Boyardee, Blackbeard, Film Festival, Klinger, Field of Dreams, Twix, Softtop, Meat Sauce, Sarengeti (JR Young-FNG), Commodore, Eyechart, Hammer, Intel, Kirk, Hamlet, Runstopper, One Eye, Loveboat, Dick Clark, Snowflake

In the Zone

30 strong forged a treaty between F3-Metro and F3-South for the common goals Fitness and Fellowship.

The Thang
Run to school for COP
SSH x 25
Squat x 20
Imperial Walker x 20

Mosey to ramp and stairs, Partner up
1) Bear crawl up first ramp, Lunge walk up second ramp to top of stairs
2) Strolling Derkins from top of stairs down
Flapjack: Rinse + Repeat x 3
Plank til all are done

Mosey to hill behind school for 11’s
1 Squat at bottom, 10 Burpees at top….
10 Squats at bottom, 1 Burpee at top

Grab some wall
People’s Chair: Regular 30 seconds, Left Leg high 15 sec., Reg 30 seconds, Right Leg high 15 sec, Regular 15 sec. Recover
Balls-to-Wall: Regular 15 seconds, Left arm high 15 sec. (not a typo), Reg 15 sec., Right arm high 15 sec., Reg 15 sec. Recover
Rinse + Repeat both exercises

Run to front of school, find Partner
1) Dips
2) Run lap around school. Flapjack

Mary at front of school
LBC x 40
Bicycle x 25
Heels to Heaven x 15

Run back to Carmel Park, with 5 Burpees at each speed hump
MOM at Park
Russian Twist x 15

Another strong showing by the men around the edges of Metro and South. Way to kick off the week-
Kotters to Klinger coming off IR after shoulder surgery; great to have you back!
YHC was lapped on the 11’s Burpees by special guest Runstopper #flyingsquirrel, and passed by pretty much everybody on the school lap. Excellent effort by all. It’s an honor to serve!

F3 Golf May 29
F3 Dad’s Camp August 16-18 Watch web site for details
Memorial Day Convergence; Great Triple Down opportunity. Boot Camp, 5K, Bonus Run with veterans. #ThisiswhywecallitMemorialDay
DMZ may be moved to convergence, watch twitter for updates.

That is all

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Cheese Curd
10 years ago

Great lead Snowflake, just a good Monday DMZ beat down.
I happened to be on the far end on the wall, so when you called one had while balls to wall, I thought you messing with the Pax. Because you weren’t and I didn’t even try…there, that is the BS call you were looking for!

10 years ago

Good lead, Snowflake. Lots of legs and shoulders. My only question: how is there no mention of Runstopper’s singlet?

10 years ago

The presence of Run Stopper’s singlet or even shirtless look is so commonplace that a call-out hardly seems noteworthy anymore.
If you want to see some of his other creative attire, be sure to come to the Summer Pool Party coming up in a few weeks.
Here’s the outfit I predict: Summer fedora hat, designer glasses with non-prescripton lenses, tight fitting short sleeve dress shirt with all buttons undone and a swim suit.

BTW, great lead out there Snowflake. The 11’s killed me for some reason yesterday.

Run Stopper
Run Stopper
Reply to  Skywalker
10 years ago

Appreciate sky walker description of my attire for the Epic 2nd annual swim party. But here is the real dress list:
Fedora. Check.
Prescription Sun glasses, double check.
1960’s type swim trunks. Check, check, check
Shirt? Who needs one… only gets in the way when my wife wants to caress my sculpted chest, plus it’s a chance to embarrass my kids.

Kirk, the singlet is the same size I wore in ’88. You can borrow it anytime bro.

Snowflake – outstanding leadership. You inspire and challenge every time you Q.

Reply to  Run Stopper
10 years ago

I think it’s called a onesie, not a singlet. #Webster

Run Stopper
Run Stopper
Reply to  Tiger-Rag
10 years ago

onesies rub me raw…

Reply to  Run Stopper
10 years ago

It sounds like you’re coming straight from work, Runstopper. #casualfriday

Run Stopper
Run Stopper
Reply to  Kirk
10 years ago


10 years ago

What about Run Stopper’s capri pants? I’ve seen meggings at F3 before, but I don’t think I’ve seen capris and a singlet/onesie.

Run Stopper
Run Stopper
Reply to  Voodoo
10 years ago

Voodoo, appreciate you checking out my capris. But they belong to belong to my wife.. I borrow them for fast twitch. All that running causes my junk to dance around like he is having a seizure #perfectpantsforwebstersjunk

10 years ago

Wow. One comment about Run Stopper’s fashion sense and look at the maelstrom it set off…

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