Fast Twitch Muscles

Fast Twitch Muscles

13 men chose this morning to be awesome and posted at #F3FastTwitch. Here’s the work we did this morning:

The Thang

A little baby jog for a couple of laps around the cars (just to take multiple looks at Spack’s new FX4 pickup truck) with some high knees and butt kicks thrown in to warm up the legs. Then a mosey to the teacher’s lot in front of the school for COP.

  • Side straddle hops – 25, in cadence
  • Imperial walkers – 20, in cadence
  • Mountain climbers – 20, in cadence

Enough of that so we took off at brisk pace from the school down Woodfox to Rounding Run, stopping at one of YHC’s favorite hills on Rising Meadow. Two lines at the bottom light post for hill sprint intervals to the light post atop the hill.

  • 2 hill sprints at 50%-60%, mosey back down
  • 8 hill sprints at all you got, mosey back down
  • 2 hill sprints at 50%-60%, mosey back down

We gathered ourselves for the run up to Raintree Lane. Stopped there for a brief plank-o-rama. From there, we ran a solid pace to the first street sign on Willow Point. Here’s what we did on Willow Point:

  • Sprint to first street sign, plank – 15 merkins, in cadence
  • Sprint to second street sign, plank – 15 wide-arm merkins, in cadence
  • Sprint to third street sign, on your six – 20 flutter kicks, in cadence
  • Sprint to dead end, on your six – 25 dollies, in cadence

Mosey through the blockades and line up for Indian Run from behind the Arbo Walmart back towards home base. Along the way, we made a stop at the grassy knoll on 51 between Serendipity and Strawberry.

  • 11s – backwards run up the hill, jump squats at the top, merkins at the bottom (10-1, 9-2, 8-3,,,,,1-10)
  • Jacob’s Ladder – 7 times up (forwards this time) with increasing burpees at the top
  • Chair plank while everyone finished.

Solid pace run back to the SCMS bus parking lot. Circle up for a couple minutes of Mary.

  • Little baby crunches – 20, in cadence
  • Reverse crunches – 20, in cadence

Done. COT.


As stated in the pre-game disclaimer, YHC is not a professional. However, YHC does have access to the world wide web. The #F3FastTwitch muscles are built for explosive strength and optimum athletic performance. Today’s workout was meant to work on those muscles.

Hills sprints are always a crowd pleaser. 8 all you got up the Rising Meadow 50 yard hill definitely got the legs firing. Gummy claimed the distance between the light posts got longer each time. Spackler’s time check after each mosey down to the bottom didn’t help morale.

The all you got sprints on the flats at Willow Point¬†were different but still worked on our explosion. At the dead end, FT FNG Horsehead brought forth another explosion, unleashing an unwelcomed spirit on the Pax. Smelled like he ate a ‘possum biscuit before the workout. Total Q failure, in that YHC had us at the dead end, with no way out except to meander through the fog. Lightheaded, we pressed on for the Indian Run.

With old 45 minute time limit, we would have pressed on towards the school. But the full hour brings forth more options for pain. The 11 times backwards run up the grassy knoll with jump squats at the top…complete fast twitch muscle combustion. Although about half-way through, the burn went away, as complete numbness set in. Still we had enough time for a Jacob’s Ladder. Chelms complained.

Afterwards, some of us gushed over Spackler’s new FX4 bad in black pickup truck. It’s got a pretty big bed for hauling stuff, so keep that in mind Pax. Spack (33) said it was his mid-life crisis…but, sadly, he’s probably already well into¬†his 2nd half.

Welcome to site FNGs Horsehead and Prohibition. Solid work by all. Thanks for the opportunity to lead such a strong group. #F3FastTwitch remains the elite Tuesday workout.


New Thursday morning moderate intensity workout launching May 1 in Matthews. Slim Fast and Geraldo are the site Qs. Start EH’ing.

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10 years ago

That was fun – I’ll be back! It’s twice the distance from my house and starts earlier – what’s not to like.

Why do we have Skunk and FT on the same day anyway! I am both slow and weak – shouldn’t have to choose!

– HH

10 years ago

you might not be a professional but didn’t you stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night?

10 years ago

Missing the gloom fellas. Will be out to FT as soon as I’m off IR. 4 of 9 from BRR Team Free Range in the pax today – need to tell TR & Radar to get to FT. Fletch rotates. And Honey Bee hit the inaugural F3Swift this morning.

Reply to  Hops
10 years ago

4 of 9 from team Flatnin the Hills also at FT this am. Young Love and I at Skunks b/c we are vain and still want to look buff.

Reply to  Purple Haze
10 years ago

Haze – Image is everything.

Young Love
Reply to  Purple Haze
10 years ago

Forget about looking good. Someone has to be strong enough to fend off the natives.

Reply to  Young Love
10 years ago

Wait a minute…Splinter’s a native of the BRR terrain….

Reply to  Splinter
10 years ago

That’s what I call balance, Splinter. Nice work.

10 years ago

“Power is like being a lady… if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”
Margaret Thatcher

See also, Elite.

10 years ago

PH – That was brutal. Nothing like “All you got’s” 10 minutes into a workout, and having 40 minutes left when done with those. And I won’t even comment on the backwards run up the wet, grass hill followed by jump squats. I also won’t comment on the Jacob’s Ladder burpees after everything else.

Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

Glad to see PH will unleash evil workout ideas even when he Q’s. It was a moderately hard work-out until we got to the up-hill backward run ladder that things changed. And it was not me complaining about the Jacobs ladder. No one can cheat at burpees like me – that’s why only Fraiser beat the WD in that exercise.

10 years ago

Only the good die young. Just hope it’s not the #BRR that does it to me. Would hate for my last memory to be while running.

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