Old School

Old School

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23 (1 FNG) in attendance for a balmy beatdown.  QIC filled in for Radar, who is on DL this AM with hurt back.   Several PAX completed pre-work.  KB group: TR, Spackler, Bananas (few others).  At least two PAX arrived on foot.  Hard to recognize PAX without hats and sleeves.     




Mosey to far end of soccer fields for COP:


15 Burpees OYO

Merkin set 10 each in cadence:

Regular/Wide/Offset left forward/Offset Right forward/Diamond


Mosey to base of hill at front of soccer field


Triple Nickel

5 Jump Squat

Run up hill

5 Burpee

Back down hill (1 set) 5x


Plank-o-rama: RAH/LLH/switch/6 inches/10 count/5 merkin


Divide into 2 groups near pavilion

Group 1 Bench Set: 15 Jump Up/15 Dip/15 Derkin

Group 2: One lap from pavilion to far light and back




Plank-o-rama: RAF/LLH/switch/6 inches/RLH/10 count/LLH/10 count


Mosey to Rock Pile and grab a rock

25 Bicep Curls (cadence)

30 Overhead Press (cadence)

Drop Rock

30 Carolina Dry Dock(cadence)

Pick up Rock

25 Overhead Press (cadence)

30 Bicep Curls (cadence)


Mosey to hill at soccer field


Triple Nickel

5 Hand-Release Merkin

Run up Hill

5 Squat

Back down hill (1 set) 5x


Plank-o-rama: Right hand back pocket/Left hand/6 inches/10 count/5 merkin


Back to pavilion

Repeat 2 group Run/Bench set (Each group 1 each run/bench)


Mosey to start point parking lot for Mary

LBC x30 (cadence)

Protractor (approx 90 seconds)

Heals to Heaven x20 (cadence)


Plank for last 60 seconds

Optional: Swap merkin for plank to close out



Great weather today.  Mid-60’s with light rain is about perfect.  Good group of men this morning.  Strong work by all PAX, including 1 FNG, Rascal.  Get back out there again soon.  Tell your friends about F3 and get them to come out.  Boutique,  please make sure you get Rascal’s email address to Baracus or Young Love.  Iron Horse told YHC that the workout was Old School this morning.  YHC on hunt for new material.  Weather is getting nicer.  Put the strong EH on those men you know that need F3.  Weather will not be an excuse much longer.



•HDHH at Taco Mac in South Park tonight.  35 cent drafts.

•03/22/2014: Brain Cancer Research Run at Freedom Park.  See below from weekly email:

 Fighting Brain Cancer for Bill Chepul
From Chelms: “Abacus and I have formed a team to raise money for brain cancer research to support our younger brother, who has Stage IV brain cancer.   We realize the Bobcats event is that day and the Spartan Sprint is on Sunday but hoping a few of the pax are able to join us or make a donation to our team. Link is http://www.braintumorcommunity.org/site/TR?px=3408952&pg=personal&fr_id=2291&fl=en_US&et=nUO88gVsYeG8mCgCuTqQlQ&s_tafId=68694 or see the Races Forum at F3Nation.com for more information.”

3rd F Lunch Group in Southpark 04/02/2014 (Wed) at 12:00.  Hops, Semi-Gloss, Splinter on Q.  True Measure of a Man is first book.

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10 years ago

PAX get credit for 30 rock squats to close out rock work. Thanks for posting Radar

10 years ago

Mermaid, it was a good kind of old school. Lot’s of the staple exercises for F3. Nice job buddy. Man am I exhausted from that pre KB workout that I did. Semi Gloss, Fletch, where were you guys when i was throwing all that iron around?

10 years ago

“Ghost men” at pre KB don’t count…Bananas!

10 years ago

Welcome Rascal. Good to have you. T-Claps to Hacksaw and Iron Horse for running in. Especially strong work by BOG, Gummy and Lobster Roll…among others.
Good Q Mermaid – don’t be too concerned about new material. There’s plenty of “old” material worth repeating; and you certainly did so this morning.
Loved the switch of the rock you did after calling out the mumblechatterer…who was the heckler? Good humor.

10 years ago

Not sure who I switched rocks with Hops. Enjoyed the extra few ounces though. May just grab the biggest rock I can find from now on. Good crew today.

Iron Horse
10 years ago

Mermaid, “Old School” was a big T-Clap. Great workout – constant motion. Loved it out there – first day of spring!

Iron Horse
10 years ago

Oh yes – I was the heckler – loved that too

10 years ago

Nice lead Mermaid. The triple nickel on the hill got us started off right and then a revisit later on in the work-out for round 2 brought it home. In attendance for two of your recent Qs at Anvil and both have been smokers.

10 years ago

IH-Certainly took your comment as T-clap and ran with it for my title. Was in a hurry with the BB

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