Did anyone drop their hat at Kevlar?

Did anyone drop their hat at Kevlar?

Another strong showing for the pre KB workout and Bananas actually followed through from his tweet after bailing on Death Valley last Wednesday.

The Thang

Burpees until Minimum got out of his car (37 total)
Mosey to lot
SSH x 15
Split jumps x 15
Slerkins x 20
Calf stretches
Honey mooner (15 secs – sounds about right!)
Mountain climbers x 15
Squats x 20
Partner up
50 burpees combined while partner runs hill.
50 squat jumps combined while partner bear crawls up hill merkins each 5 crawls.
200 LBC’s while partner bear crawls down hill with merkin each 5 crawls.
Mosey to soccer field.
Tire combos with stagger merkins, dry docks, tri dips, squats, merkins. All move when first in line completes 5 burpees.
Suicide race with team doing burpees each time runner gets to tire.
Repeat tire combo with first person completing 3 Turkish get up burpees.
4 mins of Mary

Ye Olde Moleskine

Good crowd for the long awaited Bananas bicep bonanza we have read so much about on Twitter but never had the chance to enjoy. Enjoy we did as twelve lads showed up early and schwung shum metal. Biceps, triceps, and chest was the name of the game and it got YHC thinking the main workout may need adjusting but then I figured stay calm and carry on. Even Matlock showed with his big painted bell. Could have said he was late for the pre workout but I’m just saying he was early for the main gig for the first time!

YHC had to get the watch back on eastern after being set on Greenwich Mean Time. This allowed Minimum an extra few minutes to decide on which gloves to wear and the pax to perform a lot of burpees. More burpees came at the hills for the combined partner challenge as we knocked out 50 between the pairs. Bear crawls downhill proved to be TR’s kryptonite as he modified with a light skip down the hill instead. Brown was still full of mumble chatter so more hills were added to try and keep the boy quiet.

To the tires and that’s when the fellas starting dropping their hats left and right. Matlock nearly wiped out his whole team with some horrific odors that Radar would have been proud of.

Good work by all today.

Keep Snakebite, Chewie, and Horsehead’s boy Boone Dock in your prayers as they recover from injury/surgery. 24 hour Muck Ruckers doing the heavy tonight too – DK, Dora, and others.



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Cheese Curd
9 years ago

Cheese curd was there. Great beat down..I did not drop my hat.

9 years ago

Sod Off!

9 years ago

I heard some hats dropping by the hill as well. not pointing any fingers. proud of geraldo for his first day with a kettlebell big enough for a grown man with his 40 pounder. i may find out what’s on the agenda for the workout from now on if i get the nod on the pre kb work. great workout bulldog, and as usual a wild and festive crowd on fridays at kevlar!
good to see matlock out there early or late with his mexican flea market kettlebell, that thing needs a name.

Reply to  Bananas
9 years ago

The Kettlebell? He is called Cortez… Cortez The Killer. He answers to no one.

(And that gas attack: I can’t rightfully take credit for that. Someone crafted something extremely evil … I don’t have it in my heart or in my arse to do such a thing. )

Reply to  Bulldog
9 years ago

Rucktards won’t be happy with your misuse of ALL CAPS.

Cheese Curd
9 years ago

All caps were not necessary, just sounding off. However, you have more than made of for your error! Your a good man…not always understandable, but still good!

Great workout as always!

9 years ago

Good to see I’m not the only hat dropper in the group. And glad I wasn’t there to get falsely accused.

We are all going to talk like a bunch of bloody Brits by next year. Arse, pear shaped, and of course wanker are now standard word choices for those of us that spend any time around Bulldog.

9 years ago

Lesson one on dropping hats: never pick up a dropped hat with your mouth!! I unfortunately inhaled a Puddin Pop dropped hat that actually silenced the mumble chatter…but for only or a few seconds while I figured out how to exhale without tasting it again! Also trying to figure out the Mexican joint open that early serving breakfast burritos!! Nice work by all dropping hats, it is a lost art! Better work by BD with another well orchestrated beatdown!

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