Skunk you very much

Skunk you very much

Didn’t notice whether Harley planted the SF, but with SF or VSF  – 27 mostly willing participants set out in the Tuesday morning gloom at SkunkWorks for a bit different variety of KB workout.  Patterned this one after Combine, and more specifically — borrowed heavily from a Swamp Fox Q’d beatdown there; and it went a little something like this….


Abbreviated COP:

SSH x 13

H-R Merkin x 13

20 2-hand KB Swings

Mosey to Cov. Church Lane, Drop the KB for 0.6 mile AYG run around the church.

Some plankorama when we finished.

Rack ’em/Stack ’em & duck walk with KBs about 1/3 mile or so to lots on Fullwood Rd side of church

20 KB Swings – 10 burpees OYO

80 yd AYG run down & back

20 KB Swings – 10 burpees OYO

80 yd AYG run down & back

5 push press R & L, 10 goblet squats, 10 KB Swings

40 yd AYG run down & back

5 push press R & L, 10 goblet squats, 10 KB Swings

80 yd AYG run down/back

20 KB swings, 10 burpees OYO

80 yd AYG run down/back

Louganis w KB x 13

5 renegade row R & L, 10 goblet squats, 10 Upright Rows

40 yd AYG run down & back

10 renegade row R & L, 20 goblet squats, 20 Upright Rows

80 yd AYG run down & back

20 KB swings, 10 burpees OYO

80 yd AYG run down & back

Not sure exactly what we did at this point nor if the above is 100% accurate; but we also worked in the following 6MoM exercises with KBs:

Flutter w/KB press x 13

Russian Twist w/KB x 13

Dolly w/KB press x 13

40 yd AYG run down & back

Rack ’em/Stack ’em & duck walk w/KBs back to high school lot for COT


The mumblechatter about too much running for SkunkWorks started Monday evening via Twitter and even last Friday when YHC threw out some bait in the Kevlar backblast.  The chatter abated quite a bit after the AYG run around the church.  It’s no small task to silence this famously boisterous SW pax, but there was at least enough O2 deprivation throughout to lower the volume of banter significantly.

While we did a lot more running than SW is accustomed to, I think we did a fair amount of metalwork.  Bananas commented that there was sufficient swings and such mixed in.   YHC’s shoulders are throttled from the upright rows for sure.

Great crew of men out there today.  Welcome to Header’s brother, with us this morning from Philly.  Animal, YHC decided (exercising workout Q privelege), is his F3 moniker.  Come see us again soon for some more Charlotte-style brotherly love.  Aye!

Also – great to have ‘FNG to SW’ appearances from Champagne, Purple Haze & Spackler.  PH figured it was time to show TR that the hollow-chested, pencil-armed stereotype of the Fast Twitchers was not true.  Strong showing for all 3 of you.  Spackler was flying on the run around the church and the AYG runs.  And T-claps to Champagne for skipping COT.  It’s M. Champagne’s birthday; and he hustled home to bring her breakfast in bed….or something like that.  Don’t make it your last SW appearance fellas.

Also, T-claps to Brown and Alf for posting and fighting through injury and to Hair Band coming off IR himself.  Thanks to Header for the strong prayer to closeout COT.

Read a quote this morning from a guy named Tim Keller that I needed to hear, and thought maybe one or more of you would be encouraged by it as well:

“The best defense to the lies we hear from within our hearts is the rehearsal of truth.”

Thankful to be numbered among the pax.




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10 years ago

Hops – actually this is my second visit to SW – my first was also when you were Q last summer. Thanks for the beatdown today – great way to start the morning.

10 years ago

Great workout Hops! I would have vomited on myself and others a few months ago, but at 15 lbs lighter I was able to stay the course (barely) this time. I had to modify the sets some at the end, but what’s a few imaginary burpees between brothers?.

Bad day to borrow Stone Cold’s heavier kettlebell though . . .

– HH

Purple Haze
10 years ago

Well…found out this morning there is a reason (other than the obvious one that they are on the same day) pretty boy FastTwitchers don’t post at SkunkWorks…I was crushed by my bout with the KB. The last set of 20 upright rows was my complete undoing.

Also not sure that I showed TR anything…as he not only corrected my swing form but also dieseled by me right at the end of the lap around the church.

Great workout Hops…thanks for twisting my arm to come out there this morning!

10 years ago

Nice work Hops! Bring the sprints and KB any time to skunkworks. I think the straight up AYG around the church sans KB was a new on for the skunk.

10 years ago

There are more than a few notable things about this morning:

–Puddin’ Pop has got some wheels for a big fella.

–Sussudio was smoking on the sprints. War Daddy was striding it out.

–Haze held his own, certainly much better than most of us Skunks would do at Fast Twitch.

–The ducks were as confused as we were about running the wrong way around the loop. They almost didn’t quack.

Great job Swamp…er, Hops…enjoyed it.

Big League Chew
10 years ago

Man it was great to be at SW again. It was a well orchestrated beatdown. Hops you are approaching zen master status on Q. I thought I smelled a little combine in there.

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