“34 multiplied by 23 equals 6402”

  • When:01/30/13
  • QIC: 49er
  • The PAX: Harley, Bratwurst, Cheese Curd, Sprague, Header, Spackler, Bugeater, Mall Cop, Stage Coach, Cowboy, Tool Belt (FNG Roy F.), Abacus, Good Hands, Joker, Bananas, Haggis, Radar (FNG Ed C.), Salt Lick, Blue Cheese, Frost Bite, Double D, Dolphin, Schnitzel, Far Side, Pshco T, Smash, Matlock, Bulldog [sic], Deep Dish, Pinstripes, Young Love, Countertop, Hops, Stone Cold, Turkey Leg, Tiger Rag, Donkey Kong, 49er

“34 multiplied by 23 equals 6402”

 38 men  (tying the DV record) braved a cool breeze and 63 degree weather this morning to make their down painment.

Warm up:

-Jog around parking lot.

-Shoulder stretches in squat position while PAX was notified of the F3 disclaimer.

-SSH x 25

-Split up into teams of 3&4 and perform mountain climbers while solving a math problem (stole this one from TR).

The Thang:

-Jog to football field with Old Glory in tow.

-Merkin pyramid (or as some call it a ladder…potato…po-tah-to) up to 10 and back down holding plank position for 5 seconds after each set.  Judging from the many grunts this was a definite crowd pleaser!

-Run 3 laps around track while performing 5 burpees when whistle is blown (ramdomly 4 to 6 times each lap by YHC). The faster you run the fewer the burpees.  Plank when finished.

-Jog to concession stand for wall work: People’s chair, BTW, (extra credit for push up), people’s chair, wall plank with peter parkers.

-Jog back to football field for team work: Each team (same teams as in the warm up) performs a total of 100 burpees per team while each team member (one at a time) sprints 200 yds.  Another mental challenge thrown in the mix adding up each team member’s burpee count…no extra credit given for going over 100!  Plank when finished.

-Bear crawl to Old Glory planted just beyond the 50 yard line.

-6 MOM: Dolly x 21 hold em; LBC x 24; Rosalita x 21; bicycle x 23; 6 inches

-Jog back to parking lot for plank-0-rama: Regular; right leg up while left arm behind back (Rocky Balboa); Switch arms/leg repeato. Mission impossible.


-Weather conditions could not have been more perfect and it was great to have Old Glory waving in the wind and joining the PAX for the down painment.  How could anyone fartsack on a day like today?….Dora?

-Dolphin and Far Side might want to start following @F3Area51 on Twitter as both showed up wearing their rucks even after YHC tweeted to leave the rucks at home today.  They quickly put them back in their cars when they realized that YHC was ruckless.  I think they agreed afterwards that is was a good call.  Actually eveyone should follow @F3Area51 on Twitter.

-Tclaps to team Harley, Cheese Curd and Double D for being the first to FINALLY figure out that 34×23=782.  Basic math is a little more challenging while simultaneously performing a physical task, but the team (didn’t recognized the voice) that answered 6402 might want to brush up on their basic multiplication tables.

-Brothers continue to pray for The Shore’s family.  Jon, his mother, brother and the rest of his family have trying days ahead.

“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7

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Cheese Curd
11 years ago

Double D and I take no credit for the math, all Harley. It would have been 45 mins of Mtn Climbers for me. Good lead!

11 years ago

I was hoping the math problem would be 18 X 17… I was ready for that one.

49er sporting the whistle today… you were like a young vince lombardi.

11 years ago

Great Q this morning 49’er. Down Painment, indeed. Aye! Merkin ladder and lots of burpees — if you heard the call of “Ishmael” coming your way in the dark gloom — that was me.

11 years ago

All I’m saying is that when Psycho T tells you the answer is 6402 I did not even question it.

Great workout today 49er.

11 years ago

My fartsack was a ruck-friendly workout. Yours wasn’t.

11 years ago

Great job 49er and yes it was a great call to leave the ruck behind. I do follow Area51 but somehow missed the tweet. Next time I’ll remember my calculator when you’re on Q. Great workout. Aye!

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