With Rucks, in the Muck, embracing the Suck

  • When:01/17/13
  • The PAX: The Shore, The Drill, Ray Charles, PBQ, Dolphin, 49er, Thin Crust, Dora, Bugeater, Strange Brew, Run Stopper

With Rucks, in the Muck, embracing the Suck

11 men showed up in the rain to have some fun out on the McAlpine Greenway this moring.

The Thang:

The Drill, Ray Charles, and PBQ showed up early to get their full 6 miles in. Thanks for waiting on the COT in the rain while the rest of us caught up!

8 others, 7 with rucks marched in formation throughout the greenway and woods to push ourselves and become one with the muck. The basic story was thus:

Dora lead – Run to rock pile, pick up 4 rocks.

Run Stopper lead – Run to log pile, pick up 2 logs (all hands on deck). Run to top of hill.

Half the group – 49er lead – Run logs down hill and back up (about 1/2 mile).

Other half – The Shore lead – Bear Crawl rock across soccer field. Then Snipper run to exhaustion (“He sees me, I’m down”).

Flapjack groups.

Dolphin lead – Return logs. Return Rocks. Return to base.

The Moleskin:

YHC hadn’t meant to get too wet this morning (that is reserved for next week), but it turned out to be a great opportunity to test out the new gear. Smartwool socks and top from GOPC held up well. Thanks to Blue for organizing a very worthwhile event last night.

Overheard up on the hill was Bugeater stating the obvious, “My new ruck is getting dirty.” I have to believe he was saying in with a bit of pride.

We had 7 of 12 pax from South Charlotte getting ready for the GoRuck this morning (props to Thin Crust for coming out and hanging in even without the ruck). Those who couldn’t make it – you know who you are.

Next week we’re planning on a more intense march through the woods, creek and obstacles. This will be a great test of whatever gear you plan on using for the Challenge. Hopefully, all our pax will make it and whoever else wants to join in the fun.

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11 years ago

Strong post men. Strong! Aye!

11 years ago

This post was, by far, the most fun I’ve had at an F3 workout yet! I wore my new smartwool socks, but I didn’t plan on a full test. Dolphin set the example at the rally point by repeatedly shuffling through the ankle-deep puddle thoroughly soaking his feet. We followed in kind.

The bear crawl/coupon roll was huge fun…although I may have bent the rules by pitching my coupon as far as I could and racing to catch up with it rather than rolling it by hand. #innovation

Pro Tip: when the ground is that wet and muddy your hands just slide right along — like a wet hair burner without a plate. #savingenergy

The Sniper Run was a total win. Totally wet, totally muddy, splashing down and scrambling up. LOVED IT.

I walked in the house when i got back, dripping wet, with a big mud-eating grin, a spring in my step and I was even singing. The M said, “You never sing in the morning. You must have gotten to play in the mud.” #winning

T-claps to all the pax, including Thin Crust, for coming out for the fun and embracing the suck, and to the Shore and 49er for Qing, but T-claps especially to my man Strange Brew who only 14 days ago showed up in his ruck for the first time with only two bricks in it and could barely complete the course but who now completely TORE IT UP today. Brother, you have come so far in such a short period of time. You’re an inspiration to me, and an example to anyone of what happens when you set your mind to achieving your goal. I can’t wait to do this challenge with you.

Dora out.

11 years ago

One clarification: Strange Brew led from the rock pickup to the log pickup point. Runstopper led from the log pickup uphill to the soccer fields.

11 years ago

Aye! That was a blast this morning. I hated to leave it was so much fun. Well done everyone.

Stone Cold
11 years ago

Well shoot Boys, I hate that I missed out on that one. Darn traveling for the job got in the way this week. I’ll be ready to go this weekend and next week for sure. AYE!

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