Hairburner Half Mile

  • When:12-12-12
  • QIC: Tiger Rag
  • The PAX: Far Side, Stage Coach, Young Love, Hops, Coal Miner's Daughter, Ice Hole Dolphin (#WombFish), Camacho, The Shore, 49er, Stone Cold, Joker, Callaway (Kotters), Cowboy, Thin Crust, Bugeater, Wanker, Haggis, Cheese Curd, Countertop, TR and...Harley.

Hairburner Half Mile

Twenty two men gathered to punch Hump Day in the throat.  Hump Day punched back.



Form a team of 4 to 6, pick a plate (45, 35, or 25) or a pair of plates (10’s or 5’s)

Little Baby Jog to track, drop plates at starting line, mosey to grass for Mary

  • Flutter x 25 (hold ’em)
  • Dolly x 25
  • Peter Parker x 25 (hold plank)
  • Parker Peter x 25


  • SSH x 25
  • I-Walker x 25
  • Mosey to plates.  Tighten chin strap


Hairburner x 400 m with 5 burpee sprint chase

  • Pax 1:  Burn hair
  • Rest of team: 5 burpees, then sprint to Hairburning Pax
  • Rotate, rinse, repeat x 1 lap (400m)
  • Various planking for leaders

Run to Hill

  • Jacob Jr Ladder (1 to 5 burpees at top)
Mosey to Outfield Fence
  • Sprint to home plate
Grab a seat in bleachers
  • Yet-to-be-named core exercise x 30 sec (x3)
  • Run to steps
  • Bunny hop steps
  • Run to track
Hairburner x 400 m with 5 burpee sprint chase (switch plates with another team)
Mosey to field for…
  • Sprint x 100 yards
  • Sprint x 200 yards
  • Sprint x 300 yards
  • Out of time before ladder back down…
Grab plates, run to top of hill.
  • If Pomfret’s doc and the WSJ are to be believed, the DV Pax made a panicked run on the Heartbeat Bank this morning.
  • Team Donkey Kong (Wanker? and…?) smoked the field on the first lap.  Far Side simply carried YHC’s team on the second lap.  #wheelhouse.
  • The combination of gloom-ensconced pax, O2 deprivation and a looming deadine for YHC leaves little time for a proper memorial in the Moleskin.  The Pax can provide the rest of the Moleskin in the comments.


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11 years ago

Team DK included Harley, Countertop, Haggis and Hops

Great stuff this morning TR.

I know Joker smoked himself on the sprints…thought some merlot might be forthcoming…

11 years ago

Aye. Well done TR. That was very solid. T-claps to Far Side for that very impressive push. Also, thanks TR for help with the headlamp repair.

Stone Cold
Stone Cold
11 years ago

Definitely took a few out of the Heartbeat Bank this am! Legs are toast. Gonna be a tough go at Devil’s Turn tomorrow. Good one TR, thanks for leading with core since I also ran out of time yesterday at SW.

11 years ago

TR – if your goal was lots of pain and a near explosion of my heart, well done.

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